Waya entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
RO.MATU Matu Small reef fish spp. (Ply)
CP.LOLI Loli/loli Sea cucumber taxon, prob. Synapta maculata (Ply)
FJ.FOKAI Vokai Crested iguana, Brachylophus vitiensis (Ply)
FJ.MOKO.1A Moko Animal taxon: Small lizards (skinks and geckos) (Ply)
CP.GOGO.1 Gogo/sawa Noddies, Anous spp. (Viwa) (Ply)
FJ.WALE.3 Wale Merely, without reason (Ply)
FJ.PAAPAA Baabaa Fish spp.: Flutemouths (Aulostomidae, Fistulariidae) (Ply)
FJ.TUGU.2 Tugu Residual pools of water in a dry creek or on a reef flat at low tide; hole cut in a tree to catch water for drinking (Ply)
AN.SALATO Salato (Dendrocnide harveyi) (Ply)
MP.KULU-KULU.3 Kulukulu Tree sp. (Dillenia biflora) (Ply)
OC.MAKO.3 Mako Tree taxon, Unknown, poss. Trichospermum richii (Ply)
MP.WAA-WAA.2B Waa Generic for scrambling and climbing plants; creeper, vine; cord, rope, string, line (Ply)
MP.PITU Bitu Bamboo spp. (Schizostachym glaucifolium) and (Bambusa vulgaris) (Ply)
CP.LEKILEKI Leqileqi Puzzlenut (Xylocarpus granatum) (Ply)
CP.TAUME Saamoa Hard sheath or calyx enclosing flower of coconut (used as torch); coconut flower before sheath bursts (Ply)
OC.TILO Dilo (Calophyllum inophyllum) (Ply)
CP.LEWA.2 Rewa (Cerbera manghas) (Ply)
OC.MOSOKOI Maakosoi (Cananga odorata) (Ply)
CP.TOI.1 Doi (Alphitonia zizyphoides) and (A.franguloides) (Ply)
AN.IKA.A Ika Fish and certain fish-like creatures... (Ply)
AN.LIMA.A Lima Five (Ply)
MP.LIMA.B Lima Hand, arm; front leg of a quadruped, flipper of a turtle, seal, etc. (Ply)
AN.ONO Ono Six (Ply)
AN.QULU.1 Ulu Head or top part of an animal or thing; hair of the head... (Ply)
AN.AKA.A W/aka Root or roots of a plant (Ply)
AN.AFI V/avi Be cooked in an earth oven; bake, be baked (Ply)
NP.EI Ei Interjection; indicates surprise: Oh! Hey! (Ply)
PN.SOLO-QI.* Solo Be rubbed, wiped (Ply)
PN.-NA.4 -(y)a 3rd person singular possessive suffix (Ply)
PN.-A -a Non-productive suffix indicating abundance of a thing... (Ply)
OC.QAOA (Y)a(y)awa Tree spp., Ficus pritchardii and F.tinctoria (Ply)
MP.PIA.1 (Y)abia Arrowroot (Tacca leontopetaloides); starch... (Ply)
AN.ASA.1 (Y)aca Be held in one hand and drawn sharply across a surface: be filed, ground, grated, sharpened... (Ply)
FJ.QARA (Y)adra Wake up; awake; good morning! (Ply)
FJ.QAOGA (Y)aga Useful, valuable... (Ply)
AN.AGI.1 (Y)agi(y)agi Wind, breeze; blow (obs.) (Ply)
PN.AGO.2 (Y)ago Body of person; hull of boat; appearance, shape (Ply)
AN.AGO.1 (Y)ago(y)ago Yellow (Ply)
RO.AKA.B (Y)aka Creeper: Pueraria lobata... (Ply)
PN.-QAKI.1 -(y)aki Verbal suffix... (Ply)
CE.AKI (Y)aki Beat, thrash (Ply)
OC.AKU (Y)aku Take something in the fingers, as in eating fish or chicken...; take without asking (Ply)
AN.QANUFE (Y)alive Millipede sp. (Ply)
TO.NINI.2 (Y)aa/niinii Tremble, as with cold, fear or excitement (Ply)
AN.QAITU (Y)anitu Spirit, ghost, supernatural being (Ply)
FJ.KETU.1 Aa/qetu Ransack, rummage through things (Ply)
PN.KONA.3 (Y)a/qona Shrub, Piper methysticum; kava, a drink made from it... (Ply)
PN.QALI.2 (Y)ari Clean by scraping or rubbing... (Ply)
FJ.QASA (Y)asa Go, esp. go unnoticed, sneak away (Ply)
FJ.QASA (Y)aasaa Roam, not stay at home, wander about, travel around (Ply)

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