Waya entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
OC.SOLO.2A Coro Be scraped clean (Ply)
PN.SOLO-QI.* Sooloi Have fresh coconut oil added (in order to extract more oil by compressing the gratings) Problematic (Ply)
ST.SOMO.3 Somo/somo The fat of a turtle Problematic (Ply)
FJ.SOSAQA Soosaa Be fully engaged with something, very busy, preoccupied with something; suffer from or with something (Ply)
MP.SUA.2 Sua/ki Stab something, husk something (Ply)
PN.SUQA.C Cua A pudding made of starch, sugar and coconut-cream Problematic (Ply)
MP.SULU.1A Curu Be bagged, put into a bag or basket with the top fastened (Ply)
OC.SUMU.2 Sumsum Fish, prob. Pufferfish or Toadfish (Ply)
OC.SUMU.2 Cum Fish taxon, comprising considerable number of Triggerfish (Balistidae) and Leatherjackets (Aluteridae) (Ply)
OC.SUNU.2 Cunu Burnt or branded by a smouldering stick or firebrand (Ply)
AN.TAA.1B Taa Be cut by chopping or slashing (Ply)
AN.TAQE.1 Taa Excrement (Ply)
EO.TAFI Tavi Be brushed lightly, swept (Ply)
FJ.TAFU.A Tavu Be heated over a fire (Ply)
FJ.TAFU.A Tavu/ni Set fire to something; light a fire (Ply)
MP.TAFU-RAQA Tavu/to Whale (includes all large whales) (Ply)
OC.TAGA.1A Taga Any deep receptacle with open top made of woven material; bag, sack (Ply)
OC.TAGAFA Taagava A fish, prob. (Cheilinus undulatus) (Ply)
AN.TAGI.A Tagi Cry (Ply)
MP.TAHI.1 Taci Coast, seashore, sea (from the perspective of the land) (Ply)
AN.TAHINA Taci- Younger (classificatory) sibling of the same sex (Ply)
OC.TAKA.1A Taka Spread, become widespread (as a disease, breed of animals) (Ply)
FJ.TAKELE.A Takele Keel of a boat (Ply)
PN.TAAKELO Taakelo Bent, curved, crooked Problematic (Ply)
MP.TAKUU Taku Hawksbill Turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata) (Ply)
FJ.TAKUPU Takubu Swamp Harrier (Circus approximans approximans) (Ply)
FJ.TALA.2 Tala/i Chief's messenger (Ply)
FJ.TALA.3 Tala Remove goods or cargo from a container or place (Ply)
FJ.TAA-LAFU Taaravu Fireplace (Ply)
AN.TALI.3A Tali Plait (Ply)
AN.TALIGA Taliga Ear (Ply)
FJ.TA-QALO Taa(y)alo Wave, signal by waving the arms (Ply)
MP.TALU.1 Tarutaru Shrub taxon. Grows on coast, up to 2-3 metres tall, has sweet-smelling white flower (Ply)
OC.TANIFA Tanive A class of small, sardine-like fish (Ply)
EO.TAPA.2 Tabataba Skin; body of a living organism Uncertain Semantic Connection (Ply)
OC.TAPAKAU Tabakau Mat, loosely woven from coconut fronds (Ply)
MP.TAPA-SI Tabai Be split, come apart; break up, stop cooperating (of partners in a project) (Ply)
CP.TAPA-TAPA.1 Cabacaba Parribacus sp., similar to Moreton Bay Bug (Ply)
FJ.TA-PONO Tabono Stopped up, sealed, blocked up, patched (Ply)
OC.TAPU Tapu Forbidden, prohibited (Ply)
CP.ALU (Y)alu (Epipremnum pinnatum) (Ply)
FJ.TEKE.2 Teqe Set or stand on a support (tr. and intr.); be put on to cook (Ply)
PN.TELE.1 Dere Touch, handle, make contact (Ply)
OC.TIFA.1A Civa Pearl oyster (Ply)
OC.TIFI-TIFI Tivitivi Butterfly fishes (Ply)
FJ.TILI.2 Tiri Ooze out, bleed, run slowly in a thick stream (Ply)
FJ.TILI.3 Diri Be smashed, broken up by blows (Ply)
MP.TIRO Tidro Look, peer, watch (Ply)
MP.TIRO Tiro Peep, take an unobtrusive look; look from behind or through something (Ply)
FJ.TINI.1A Tini End, conclude, come to an end (Ply)

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