Tongan entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
XW.HEKEHEKE-QAGA Hekehekaʔanga Seat, place for sitting on (Cwd)
PN.HELE Hele Deny (Cwd)
OC.HIFO.A Hifo To go down, descend; to dismount...get off, go ashore (from a boat), disembark... (Cwd)
OC.HIFO.B Hifo Downwards (Cwd)
MP.HIKO-FI Hikofi Tongs (Cwd)
PN.HILA Hila/ʔakilangi A carbuncle (Cwd)
FJ.HILI Hili Put or lay on top of something (Cwd)
CP.HINA Ine/ina Honorific for mo`uifa, stick which burns slowly, remaining aglow Problematic (Cwd)
PN.HIGOA Hingoa Name (Cwd)
AN.HIWA.1 Hiva Nine (Cwd)
TO.HOO Hoo(hoo) Breathe hard with the mouth open, pant (Cwd)
TO.HO-QATAA Hoʔataa Noon, midday (Cwd)
FJ.HOGAHOGA Hongohongo Nettle (Laportea interrupta); also (Acalypha lanceolata) (Whr)
OC.HOGE Honge Famine (Cwd)
TO.HOHOFI Hohofi Emit (Smell) strongly (Cwd)
PN.HOKA.1 Hoka Upright timber part of roof structure (supports ridgepole) (Cwd)
EO.HOKA.2 Hoka Husk coconuts (Cwd)
PN.HOKO.1 Hoko To arrive (especially of time); happen, occur, take place... (Cwd)
PN.HOLI Holi Want, desire, crave, wish for (Cwd)
AN.SUU.1 Vy hoo Broth made from fish (having no other broth) (Mar)
AN.SUU.1 Hoo To boil or stew (Mar)
AN.SUU.1 Vai/huu A kind of stew cooked in taro and banana leaves in a native oven (Cwd)
FJ.OLO.3 Olo Rub hard Borrowed (Cwd)
XW.SUU.3 Hoo To pray, to entreat, to be submissive (Mar)
OC.HOGE Honge Dearth, famine (Mar)
PN.SOLO-QI.* Holo. Holo-holo. Holoi. Friction, rubbing; a rag. A towel, to scrub. To chafe, to wipe. (Mar)
PN.HOLI Holi Eager (Mar)
PN.HUU.1 Hu/huu Inquire, make inquiries (Cwd)
PN.HUU.1 Fe/hu/ʔi Ask, inquire (Cwd)
FJ.HUU.2 Huu/fanga Refuge (Cwd)
PN.HUQA Huʔa To be in (of the tide) Cwd) (Cwd)
AN.HUHU Huhu Breast; suck (as a baby does from breast or bottle) (Cwd)
MP.HUI Hui Bone; needle (Cwd)
EO.HUQI.1 Huʔi Detach, take off, slip off; pick by the bunch; cast off, give up (bad habits etc.) (Cwd)
OC.HULI.1 Huli Fish sp (Cwd)
OC.HURU.A Huu Enter (Cwd)
PN.HURU.B Ulu/fia To infect (a wound or a limb etc.) so as to cause blood-poisoning (often impl.) Problematic (Cwd)
PN.HURU.B Ulu/isino To be in control of a person, as an obsession; said of a demon of hatred, etc. Problematic (Cwd)
PN.SALUFE Hulufe General name for ferns, most commonly applied to Nephrolepis hirsutula, indigenous sword fern (Whr)
FJ.HURU-MAKI Huumaki Insert, poke in (Cwd)
XW.SUNI.1 Huni Having grease or oil floating on surface (Cwd)
PN.KA.1 Ka Future tense marker in certain subordinate clauses (Cwd)
PN.KA.2 Ka If, when (Cwd)
PN.KAA.1 Kaa Clear throat forcibly and noisily, hawk Problematic (Cwd)
PN.KA-E Ka, kae, kaa And (at the same time or immediately afterwards), whereupon; while, whereas, and (for his part, or for my part etc.); and (instead); but, but instead, however (Cwd)
MP.KAFA.1 Kafa Sennit (Cwd)
PN.KAFA.2 Kafa Great (Cwd)
PN.KAFA.2 Kaafa/kafa/ Vast, huge (Cwd)
XW.KAA-FAI Ka na fai If (Cwd)
PN.KAA-FAKI Kaafaki To climb carrying something (Cwd)

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