Takuu entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
AN.QATA Ata Reflection, image, shadow; style, personal characteristic (Mle)
EO.QATAMAI.A Atamai Have clear recall of past events or information, possess a good memory; (of a small child) smart, wise, clever; sober (Mle)
AN.QATE.1 Ate Liver (Mle)
PN.QATE.2 Ate Muscle of the arm or calf. Inner part of elbow (Hwd). (Mle)
PN.QAATEA Aatea Free from restrictions of shame or forbiddance or ignorance to undertake a specific task; (of a house or area) clean; neat, uncluttered; (of water) clean, clear, free of impurities; (of the sky) clear, free of clouds (Mle)
PN.QATI.4 Ati Take fire from one location to another; (of a fire) start to burn (Mle)
AN.QATO Oto/oto (pass. oto/hia) Tie pandanus thatch to a roof, tie mat panels to the sides of a house Phonologically Irregular (Mle)
OC.ATU Atu Post-verbal particle indicating movement away from the speaker, extension or increase in the property denoted by the verb (Mle)
OC.QATU.1 Atu Bonito; skipjack tuna (Katsuwonus pelamis) (Mle)
MP.QATU.2 Atu Tensioning strap of a backstrap loom (Mle)
MP.QATULE Ature/akau Fish sp. (Hwd)
PN.AQU Au Come (singular); (of a spirit) come to a person and cause him/her to be possessed (Mle)
MP.QAU.1 Au Current of water, stream (Mle)
MP.QAUA.1 Aua Silver Mullet or Sea Mullet (Mugil cephalus) when very small (Mle)
PN.QAUA.2 Au see Negative imperative marker, don't! (Mle)
NP.QAU-TALU Autaru To weed (Hwd) (Hwd)
MP.AWA Ava Deep passage in reef, channel (Mle)
NP.QAAWAGA.A Avana Spouse (Hwd)
NP.QAAWAGA.A Aavana Marry (Hwd)
EC.AVEA Aavea, aavee Wait a minute, hang on (Mle)
OC.E.1 E Tense-aspect marker indicating no change of state, habitual action, or a completed event (Mle)
OC.QEPA Epa Coconut leaf mat in a clan elder's house on which the elder lies, and on which very sick people are ritually treated; woven container for turmeric powder stored inside a section of large-diameter bamboo (Mle)
AN.FAA.1 Faa Four (Hwd)
MP.FAA.2 Faa Hoarse (Hwd)
PN.FAQA.3 F/faa/ To split, cut, or break open something (esp. coconuts); perform a surgical operation; (of an egg) hatch (Mle)
AN.FAQA.1 Faa Stem or stalk of taro; base of coconut frond (Hwd)
NP.FAEKO Haaeo Bad...anger...awfully (Mle)
AN.FAFA.1 Ffaa, ppaa Carry someone on the back; cloth used for tying a child on one's back (Mle)
PN.FAA-FAA Faafaa Touch with the hands, feel, grope (Hwd)
PN.FAFALI Ffali Clean up excrement, wipe after defecation (Hwd)
OC.FAFIE Ffie Firewood (Mle)
AN.FAFINE Ffine Woman, girl; female animal (Mle)
AN.FAFO Fafo Exterior, outside (Hwd)
MP.FAGA.1A Fana Remove, let loose a string in a string game (Hwd)
MP.FAGA.1A Fana Leech of sail (Hwd)
NP.FAAGAI.A Fanai Feed (Hwd)
OC.FAAGOTA Faanota Go fishing (Hwd)
AN.FAI.1 Fai Stingray (Hwd)
OC.FAI.2A Fai Do, make (Hwd)
PN.FAI.5 Fai Deal with in a hostile manner, fight (Hwd)
PN.FAI.3B Fai Have (Hwd)
PN.FAI-GATAQA Hainataa Difficult, hard, slow (Mle)
PN.FAI-KAI Faikai Prepare food Problematic (Hwd)
PN.FAI-TAMA Faitama Pregnant (Hwd)
EC.FAI-TAMANA Haitamana Father and children (Mle)
XO.FAA-ITE.C Faite Measure, try (Hwd)
PN.FAIWA Faiva Footrace (Hwd)
EO.FAKA-.1 Haka- Causative prefix (Mle)
SO.FAKA-KAA.1 Hakkaa Sharpen an edge (Mle)
PN.FAKA-LAQAA Hakaraa Put in the sun, expose to the sun, dry something in the sun; (of area exposed in low tide) completely dry (Mle)

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