Samoan entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
PN.FIA-INU Fiainu Thirst; to thirst (Prt)
PN.TAU-SOA Tausoa A burden carried on a stick by two; to carry a burden between two persons (Prt)
PN.TAU-TASA Tautasi To be one, alone, as the egg of a pigeon or an only child (Prt)
NP.SE.1 Se Indefinite article (used mainly in questions and negative statements): A, an, one, any (Mnr)
SO.MALIGA Maaliga/liga The temples (Prt)
PN.QALU.C Alu To go (Prt)
NP.ALEALE.C Aleale Young coconut in which the kernel is just beginning to form (Prt)
NP.KAU-QAMO Auamo To carry a dead chief about on a bier Uncertain Semantic Connection (Prt)
PN.LAU-MANU Laumanu/ina To have praise or blame shouted after one Uncertain Semantic Connection (Prt)
PN.LAU-MANU Laumanu/ʔia Be discussed, talked about Uncertain Semantic Connection (Mnr)
CE.RAU-KAWA Lauʔava Food eaten on the burial of a chief (Prt)
NP.WELO.2 Velo Afterdeck of a bonito-canoe (Prt)
CP.TUKU.A Tuʔu/tuʔu ifo To let down (Prt)
CP.TUKU.A Tuʔu To cut down (Prt)
CP.TUKU.A Tuʔu/tuʔu To lower; a style of fishing (Mnr)
PN.TUKU.C Tuʔu Leave, give up, let go, let have; give, grant, hand (over) (Mnr)
PN.TAPA.1B Tapa One of the white borders of a *siapo* (Prt)
NP.TAPA-TAI Tapatai Seaward (Prt)
PN.GOSE Gose A cat Uncertain Semantic Connection (Prt)
PN.SUA.4 Sua To tack a ship (Prt)
PN.POO.1B Poo Day (of 24 hours, i.e. unit of time reckoning...) (Mnr)
PN.TAU-.14 Taau/tolu Three hanging together, as a cluster of three oranges, or three wives, etc. (Prt)
PN.TUQA-A-MATA Tuaamata Eyelid. Eyebrow (Mnr). Upper eyelid (McP). (Prt)
NP.SUKI.B Suʔi/suʔia Stabbing pain in foot (Prt)
MP.SUKI.A Suʔi The stem of a cocoa-nut leaflet used as a fork (Prt)
MP.SUKI.A Suʔi To thread on a string, as beads; to twist sugar-cane leaf on to a reed, as in making thatch; to do needlework Uncertain Semantic Connection (Prt)
NP.TAA.1E Taa To wash clothes by beating (Prt)
PN.FAKA-RUA.1 Faʔalua Twice; be done twice (Mnr)
PN.FAKA-RUA.1 Faʔalua/ina Be doubled (Mnr)

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