Samoan entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
NP.TEQE-AGA Leaga Bad; common (of men) (Prt)
XW.QUGA-QUGA Uga Rotten, of teeth (Prt)
XW.QUGA-QUGA Ugauga Partially grey, of hair; small [ex. house] Uncertain Semantic Connection (Prt)
PN.FAKA-HURU Faʔaulu Bring (a case), enter, lodge (a claim); register, enter (in a book, list, etc.) (Mnr)
XW.FAKA-UMI-UMI Faʔaʔumiʔumi/noa To lose interest in everything through grief; to be melancholy (Prt)
XW.MAALIE.C Maalie Interjection "well done" to show approval of dancers; well, agreeable (Prt)
PN.QARO-FI-LIMA Alofilima The palm of the hand (Prt)
PN.QARO-FI Alofi The circle of chiefs; to sit in a circle, sitting round a house (Prt)
PN.KAWE.1B ʔAve Sunbeam, ray of sunshine (Mnr)
NP.MOKO.1C Moʔo The name of a fish (Prt)
NP.MOKO.1C Moʔo/tai The name of a fish, and in some places also of a sea snake (Pelamis bicolor). Name given to fishes belonging to genera Coris and Malacanthus (Mnr). (Prt)
PN.MALOAQA Maloaa To be a great talker; to get no bonito; to be free from visitors Uncertain Semantic Connection (Prt)
MP.PAA.1 Pa/mate, pa/moe Churchyard (Hvn)
PN.WAO.B ʔAai/vao (Run) wild (of animals) (Mnr)
SO.TUKA Mata/tupa Blunt Phonologically Irregular (Prt)
PN.FOHE-MURI Foemuli A steering paddle; to steer (Prt)
PN.MAGA-MAGA.A Maagamaga Branched, forked (Prt)
XW.LEVA Leva Long, of time; to be long since (Prt)
XW.LAFU.3 Laafu/lafu Dingy, dusky, as the body for want of oiling (Prt)
XW.LAFU.3 Lafu/lafu (adv. lafulafu/aa) Barren, unproductive, exhausted (of land) (Prt)
XW.VILI.2 Vili The name of a game hazard; applied to lots (Prt)
AN.KITE ʔIte/a Be in sight (Mnr)
OC.SIKA.2 Siʔa/ga Apparatus (for making fire by friction) as a whole; piece of soft wood, as opposed to natu (Mnr)
PN.HULI.2* Uli Sprouts from the taro (Prt)

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