Rotuman entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
PN.PAKOLA Pakora Kind of shellfish Uncertain Semantic Connection (Cwd)
PN.PALA.1B Para To rot, decay (Cwd)
PN.PALA.4 Para/si To smear, besmear (Cwd)
PN.PALALAA Pararaa Break wind (Cwd)
MP.PALALAFA Parafa Midrib of a coconut leaf Borrowed (Cwd)
PN.PALE.1A Pare Ward off (Cwd)
CP.PALOLO.A Paroro A kind of sea-worm Problematic (Cwd)
CE.PANAU Panau Flog, thrash Problematic (Cwd)
OC.PANI.1 Pani To paint (Cwd)
MP.PAPA.1A Papa Floor or deck if made of boards (Cwd)
OC.FASI.A Pasi Split, divide lengthwise (Cwd)
NP.PATI.2 Pati Win over by coaxing . Problematic (Cwd)
PN.PATU.2 Patu Scar Problematic (Cwd)
CP.PAU.1A Pau Intensifier indicating extreme exhaustiveness (Cwd)
OC.PEAU Peau Wave, billow (not breaking) (Cwd)
OC.PELA Pera/pera Dirty (Cwd)
OC.PEPE Pepe Butterfly (Cwd)
NP.PESE Fak/peje Make a short ceremonial speech Problematic (Cwd)
MP.PIKI.1A Piki Break (of a wave) Problematic (Cwd)
MP.PILI.1A Piri Cling to, adhere (Cwd)
OC.PIPI.2 Pipi Tree with inedible fruit used for scenting oil (Cwd)
AN.PITO.1 Pufa Navel (Cwd)
OC.POO.2 Poo To catch up to, overtake (Cwd)
MP.POA.1 Poa Emit a smell; bait (Cwd)
CP.POQOI Poʔoi Fruit salad Problematic (Cwd)
EO.POKO.1 Poko/iʔ Crush Problematic (Cwd)
PN.POKO.3 Poʔo Slap one's arm as challenge (Cwd)
MP.POLA.1 Pora Coconut leaf used for walls etc. Problematic (Cwd)
PN.POLATA Polofo Stump of tree or plant Problematic (Cwd)
OC.POLO.1 Poro Plant with edible leaves, inedible fruit like cherry tomatoes (Cwd)
PN.PONA Pona Boil, tumour (Cwd)
AN.POPO.1 Popo Rotten, of wood etc. (Cwd)
CP.POSO Poso Fish that inflates itself when caught (Cwd)
OC.POTO.1 Pofo Tiny; lump, small projection (Cwd)
CP.POTO.2 Poto Clever, skilful, dextrous Problematic (Cwd)
OC.POU Pou Mast; house-post supporting roof (Cwd)
FJ.PUA.A Pua (Plumeria acutifolia) (Cwd)
OC.PUAKA Puaka Pig Problematic (Cwd)
MP.PUGA.1 Puga Smooth, roundish pieces of coral or limestone (Cwd)
PN.PUGA.2A Puga Abscess (especially between legs or under arm) (Cwd)
RO.PUKA Puka Creepers of various kinds Problematic (Cwd)
PN.PUKE.2 Puke (of feeling) To come strongly over one Problematic (Cwd)
MP.PULA.1 Pula Burn, shine, give light (Cwd)
MP.PULE.1 Pure Cowrie (Cwd)
PN.PULE.2 Pure Decide, rule, control, judge (Cwd)
CP.PUULOU.A Purou Leaf cover or cap placed on food cooking (Cwd)
AN.PULU.2 Pulu Gum, sap (Cwd)
PN.PUNUA Punua Chick, young (of seabirs) (Cwd)
CP.PUUPUU.1 Puupuu Rinse (Cwd)
MP.PUSI.1 Pusi Burst, splash (Cwd)

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