Rotuman entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
PN.KAINAGA Kainaga Clan, tribe, race, nation Borrowed (Cwd)
CP.KALA.1 Kala Penis Borrowed (Cwd)
EO.KALAE Kalae Bird with long legs and red beak Problematic (Cwd)
AN.KALI.2 ʔAi Root up, chop off close to ground Uncertain Semantic Connection (Cwd)
AN.KALI.2 Kari To scrape, especially so as to roughen or damage Borrowed (Cwd)
EO.KALISI.1A ʔAlusi Kind of lizard (Cwd)
PN.KALU.B Tee kArkAru Any jelly-like substance resembling the mucus that comes from the nose Borrowed (Cwd)
PN.KAMA-KAMA.1 Kamkama Rock crab Borrowed (Cwd)
MP.KANAHE ʔAnasi Jumping mullet (Cwd)
SO.KANAPU.1 Kanapu A kind of seabird Borrowed (Cwd)
PN.KANIWA Kaniva The Milky Way Borrowed (Cwd)
PN.KAANONI Kanoni Place something underneath something to prevent it from touching surface on which it rests Borrowed (Cwd)
PN.KAPE.1 ʔApe/a A giant taro (Cwd)
FJ.KAPU.2 Kapu To cover Borrowed (Cwd)
PN.KAA-PUI Kapu Hug, embrace Problematic (Cwd)
MP.KASI.1 ʔAsi Cockle; shell much used for scraping (Cwd)
AN.KASO.1 Kasa Small roof timbers Borrowed (Cwd)
PN.KASOKASO.2 Kaskasa Kind of yam . Borrowed (Cwd)
OC.KATAFA.A ʔAfaha Frigate-bird (Cwd)
OC.KATEA Katea Canoe as distinguished from outrigger . Borrowed (Cwd)
AN.KATI ʔAfi Hold between the teeth; clench teeth . Basically "to bite" (Smt)
MP.KATO.1 ʔAfo Basket (Cwd)
PN.KATOA ʔA/takoa/ All, whole, completely Problematic (Cwd)
PN.KATOA Katoʔa Hundred fish Problematic (Cwd)
EO.KAU.1 Kau To wade, especially on the rocks Borrowed (Cwd)
PN.KAU.2B Kau Company, band Borrowed (Cwd)
PN.KAU.4 Kau Stalk, stem Borrowed (Cwd)
FJ.KAUTE Kauta Hibiscus Borrowed (Cwd)
PN.KAU-WAKA Kauvaka Crew Borrowed (Cwd)
OC.KAWA.1A Kava Shrub sp. (P. methysticum) and drink made from it Borrowed (Cwd)
CP.KAWA.3 ʔAva Kind of brownish fish . = `ao tube-mouthed fish spp. (Smt)
CP.KAWA.3 Kav/kava A kind of fish Borrowed (Cwd)
MP.KAWE.2A Kave Fasten on with straps Borrowed (Cwd)
PN.KAWEIGA Kavei Take as a mark to steer by Borrowed (Cwd)
OC.KAWIKI ʔAviʔi Small, whitish, very common crab (Cwd)
PN.KEE.1 ʔAe/a Second person singular cardinal pronoun Problematic (Cwd)
PN.KEE.2 Fe/ke Angry, annoyed, vexed Borrowed (Cwd)
PN.KEFU Kef/kefu Dust, powder Borrowed (Cwd)
PN.KEKESO Kekesi Kind of shellfish Borrowed (Cwd)
EP.KELE.C Kele Black, tending towards black Problematic (Cwd)
PN.KELE-MUTU Kermutu Earthworm Borrowed (Cwd)
MP.KEMO Kemo To blink Borrowed (Cwd)
OC.KETE.B ʔEfe Belly (Cwd)
FJ.KETU.1 Kesu Scratch in earth (of fowls) Problematic (Cwd)
PN.KEU.1 Keu Push Borrowed (Cwd)
OC.KIATO Kiata Joist (of house), outrigger boom Borrowed (Cwd)
MP.KIE.A Kiakia Pandanus sp. Problematic (Cwd)
AN.KILI.1 ʔUli Skin (Cwd)
EO.KIMAA- ʔAmi We (plural, exclusive) (Cwd)
OC.KINI.1 ʔIni Pinch (off) (Cwd)

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