Rotuman entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
PN.TAPA.4 Tapaʔa Announce arrival of Problematic (Cwd)
OC.TAPAKAU Tapakau Coconut frond floor mat Problematic (Cwd)
CP.TAAPEA. ʔApea A very long sea-snake (Cwd)
OC.TAPU Fapu/i Marked by a taboo sign (Cwd)
CP.TAA-PUI Fapui Mark as reserved by tying coconut frond round (Cwd)
AN.TASI.2 Jaji Shave (Cwd)
PN.TATAU.1 Jau Beat, strike (Cwd)
PN.TATAU.2 Tau To fit, be of right size or quantity Problematic (Cwd)
PN.TATAU.3 Fau Cover; suppress (Evil) Problematic (Cwd)
FJ.TAU.1 Tau Fit, be of right size; becoming, appropriate, suitable Problematic (Cwd)
PN.TAU.3 Tau Learn, study, practise, teach b. Borrowed (Cwd)
PN.TAU.4 Tau To fight, of cocks only . Problematic (Cwd)
MP.TAU.5 Tau To arrive . Problematic (Cwd)
OC.TAQU.1 Fau Year (Cwd)
AN.TAQUFUFU Fau/a Ridge of roof, ridge-pole (Cwd)
PN.TAU-LAGA Faviga Anchorage, harbour Problematic (Cwd)
PN.TAUMAFA Taumafa Present or offering to a chief Problematic (Cwd)
PN.TAAU-POQOU Taupoʔou Woman pledged to lifelong celibacy Problematic (Cwd)
MP.TAUTU Faufu Kind of fish which inflates itself when caught; covered with spikes like a porcupine (Cwd)
MP.TAWA Fava A kind of tree (Cwd)
PN.TAWAKE Tavake White-tailed Tropic Bird Problematic (Cwd)
CP.TEA Fea Pale or light in colour (Cwd)
CP.TEKE.4 Feke Angry, annoyed, vexed, to object to Problematic (Cwd)
SO.TELE.3A Fere Fly, leap, bounce Uncertain Semantic Connection (Cwd)
PN.TE-TEA Fefeʔa Pale (Cwd)
MP.TII.1 Ji (Cordyline) (Cwd)
CE.TII.4 Fifi/hu To sprinkle water Problematic (Cwd)
CP.TIA.1B Fia Weave a net or web (Cwd)
AN.TIA.2 Fia Pouch of a sling (Cwd)
PN.TIALE Tier Several kinds of shrub with white flowers . Problematic (Cwd)
OC.TIFA.1 Tifa Oyster-shell Problematic (Cwd)
OC.TIFI-TIFI Tiftifi Small broad-bodied fish with purplish V-stripes Problematic (Cwd)
EO.TIKA.A Tika (To play at) dart-throwing Problematic (Cwd)
CP.TIKO.A Fiʔo Defecate (Cwd)
MP.TIRO Firo Give variety by adding a colour Problematic (Cwd)
AN.TIMU.1 Timu Continuous, heavy rain Problematic (Cwd)
AN.TINAQE.A Finae Bowels, intestines, especially large intestine (Cwd)
PN.TINI-LAU Tinrau Very handsome young men; much used in poetry and legends as the proper name of the prince or hero Problematic (Cwd)
OC.TIPI.1A Tiptipi Cut or slice into small pieces Problematic (Cwd)
EP.TOO.2 Foʔu Sugarcane Problematic (Cwd)
AN.TOA Toa Tree sp. Problematic (Cwd)
PN.TOQA Toʔa Intrepid, valiant; a brave person Problematic (Cwd)
EO.TOE.1A Tore To remain, be left over or behind Problematic (Cwd)
FJ.TOFA.1A Tofa To spread out a number of things or pieces Problematic (Cwd)
EO.TOGA Toga Tonga Problematic (Cwd)
NP.TOGI.1B Togi Nibble, peck Problematic (Cwd)
MP.TOGO Fogo Mangrove (Cwd)
MP.TOKA.2A Foʔa Come ashore, come to land (Cwd)
PN.TOKA.2B Toka Settle down, subside Problematic (Cwd)
MP.TOKE-LAU Tokrau Tuvalu Problematic (Cwd)

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