Rotuman entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
OC.SOLO.1 Solo Sink down (Cwd)
OC.SOLO.2A Soro Grate, rub, sharpen (Cwd)
CP.SOPE.1 Sope Plait of hair at side of head (Cwd)
OC.SOPU.2 Jopu Dive, swim under water (Cwd)
FJ.SOSAQA Sosaʔa Discomfort, repulsion Problematic (Cwd)
PN.SOU Jou (Of sea) to ripple, be slightly rough (Cwd)
AN.SUU.1 Su Coconut milk (Cwd)
PN.SUA.1 Sua Start, lead a song (Cwd)
MP.SUA.2 Sua Stir (Cwd)
EO.SUA.3 Sua Change tack (of a vessel) (Cwd)
PN.SUQA.A Suʔaki Pour or apply liquid for purpose of diluting Problematic (Cwd)
MP.SUKI Suki Cut, gouge out, dig (Cwd)
MP.SULU.2 Sulu Torch (Cwd)
OC.SUMU.2 Sumi Leather-jacket (Cwd)
OC.SUNU.2 Su/sunu Burn, scorch (Cwd)
EO.TAA.1A Fa/ʔi Hit; blow (Cwd)
FJ.TAE.2 Täe A kind of hand-net; to catch with a hand-net; pick up, gather up, collect. b Problematic (Cwd)
OC.TAAEQA Taeaʔa Fish sp. Problematic (Cwd)
SO.TAAFAA Täh/roro Partly-grown coconut Problematic (Cwd)
PN.TAFA-GA.A Tafa Clear, bare, empty Problematic (Cwd)
EO.TAFI Tafi To sweep Problematic (Cwd)
FJ.TAFU Fahu Set and light an earth-oven (Cwd)
MP.TAFU-RAQA Fahrara Kind of fish Problematic (Cwd)
OC.TAGA.1A Taga Bag, sack Problematic (Cwd)
OC.TAGAFA Fahaga A fish (Cwd)
PN.TAGALOA.A Tagroa Tagaloa, a polynesian deity Problematic (Cwd)
PN.TAGAQU Tagau Poisonous fish, silvery in colour when alive but turning red when it dies . Problematic (Cwd)
AN.TAGI.A Fagi To cry aloud (Cwd)
MP.TAHI.1 Sasi Sea, sea-water, salt Problematic (Cwd)
PN.TAKAI Takai Wind, coil Problematic (Cwd)
PN.TAKE.2 Take The piece chipped off the end of a drinking nut Problematic (Cwd)
EO.TAKI.1 Taki To lead, lead on; lure or lure on ( Problematic (Cwd)
CP.TAQAKI Faʔi Draw water (Cwd)
RO.TAKU-HALI ʔUahgia Very long kind of sea-snake (Cwd>, Problematic (Cwd)
PN.TARA Fara End, extremity (of a row of houses, etc.) (Cwd)
OC.TALAI Tara Whittle, pare, shave or carve (wood etc.);peel with a knife Problematic (Cwd)
AN.TALI.3A Fali Belt (Cwd)
AN.TALIGA Faliga Ear (Cwd)
AN.TALO.1 Tar/kura Taro variety . Problematic (Cwd)
CP.TALO.2 Fara Beg, request, ask for (Cwd)
PN.TAMAKI.1 Tamaki Seriously ill; severe, dangerous (of illness) Uncertain Semantic Connection (Cwd)
PN.TAANAKI Tanaki To pile up neatly, to stack Problematic (Cwd)
PN.TANE-TANE Tantane Several kinds of bushes Problematic (Cwd)
OC.TANIFA Tanifa A large, dangerous shark Problematic (Cwd)
CP.TAA-NOQA Tanoa Kava bowl Problematic (Cwd)
AN.TANU Famu Bury (Cwd)
MP.TAO Jao Javelin, spear (Cwd)
EO.TAQO.1 Fao Cook and keep overnight for use next day (Cwd)
OC.TAQO.2A Fao Press down or under (Cwd)
OC.TAQO.3A Ta/taʔo/ Conceal under something Problematic (Cwd)

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