Ra'ivavae entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
AN.FANO.1 Haŋo, hano, haʔo To go Problematic (Zpn)
AN.WALU.1 (V)agu Eight (Zpn)
NP.WAANAGA (V)aanaŋa Sacred lore (Zpn)
CE.WAHINE (V)ahiine Woman, wife (Zpn)
PN.SOLO.3 Ho(g)o To run (Zpn)
CE.WERU Ve(g)u/ve(g)u Torn, ragged (Zpn)
AN.FONU.2 Hoŋu, honu Turtle Phonologically Irregular (Zpn)
PN.MOANA Mooaaŋa, moana Sea, ocean (Zpn)
AN.AFI (G)ahi Fire (Zpn)
AN.AU V/a(g)u I (Zpn)
PN.MAGEHO.A Maaŋego To itch Phonologically Irregular (Zpn)
EP.FAAITO Faito (modern), haito Measure (Zpn)
NP.FALELO Fagego, hagego Variety of coral (Zpn)
MP.FATA.1 Fata (modern), hata Altar (Zpn)
NP.FAGO Faʔo, haŋo Having a nasal impediment to the speech (Zpn)
AN.FAI.1 Hai Variety of fish (Himantura sp.). The sting-ray (Stn). (Zpn)
NP.FAALOA Haroa Variety of fish (Epinephelus tauvina) (Zpn)
CE.WAHIE Vahiie Kindling wood, sticks for a fire (Zpn)
CE.WAHO Vaho The place outside (Zpn)
EP.REPE Gepe Comb of a bird (Zpn)
NP.KAU-QALIKI ʔAugiki Variety of the paper mulberry tree (Broussonetia papyrifera) Problematic (Zpn)
PN.AA- A Particle of equation, denoting resemblance or similarity: like, after the manner of... (Stn)
PN.QA A Particle of possession: of (Stn)
EC.AA Aa Particle of specific location, used before locatives, as aa muri = te muri (Stn)
AN.AGI.1 Aŋi To be refreshing, assuaging passion (Stn)
AN.HAFA Aha Questive: to be/do what? (Stn)
MP.QAFI Ahi To brood over, protect with the wings, as a mother bird; hence to gather into the arms, shelter (Stn)
OC.ASI Ahi (obs) The sandalwood tree (Stn)
AN.AFIAFI Ahiahi Evening; the period of time commencing about an hour before sunset and lasting for an hour afterwards (Stn)
CE.AHO Aho Breath; the breath of life (Stn)
MP.AFO Ahoo Fish line (Stn)
PN.QAFU.1 Ahu Warm, feverish, hot (as the body) (Stn)
EO.QAFU.2 Ahu Mound, heap, eminence; temple mound or platform (Stn)
PN.QAFU.1 A/ahu Steam, vapor (Stn)
MP.QAI.2 Ai To copulate (Stn)
OC.AI.1 Ai Particle of reference (Stn)
PN.AI.2 A/ai To have, hold in one's mind, recall, keep in mind; to collect, preserve for communication or transference Uncertain Semantic Connection (Stn)
TA.AISE Aaiha Rubbish, debris, flotsam (Stn)
AN.QAITU Aitu God, demon, supernatural being; ogre, ogress (Stn)
EO.HAMA Ama The float of the canoe outrigger (Stn)
PN.QAMIO A/amio To contract and expand gently; said of the vaginal muscles (Stn)
PN.QAMIO A/amio/mio To move gently back and forth; as the strands of the cat's cradle in the figure called 'Utaami (Stn)
PN.AMU Amu/amu To grumble; (?mod.) to reproach or abuse behind one's back (Stn)
NP.ANAKE Anaʔe Only, without exception; (lit.) by himself (etc), hence singularly, alone; plurally, together (Stn)
CE.ANEI Anei Particle of interrogation (Stn)
TA.AA-NIWA Ania/nia Dizzy; (freq.) unconsciously Phonologically Irregular (Stn)
CE.ANO.1 Ano To feel awe; desolate, lonely (Stn)
CE.ANO.1 Ano/ano Sacred, hallowed; very high, remote or deep (Stn)
OC.QANU.3 A/anu (obs.) Slime, semen (Stn)
EP.AA-NUANUA.* Anuanua The complete arch of the rainbow (Stn)

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