Pukapuka entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
EC.PA-LAFA Paalawa/lawa Splayed, rent in two. Of the broad splayed tail of the right whale (Sby). (Bge)
PN.LAKA-LAKA Lakalaka Step out with long strides (Sby)
MP.LAKA.1 Lakalaka/i Step carefully (Sby)
EC.LALI.3 Lalii tua Grouper (Cephalopholis sexmaculata) (Sby)
PN.RAU.2 Lau One hundred (Bge)
PN.LAU.2B Lau An army (Bge)
PN.LAULAU Laulau Food platter of coconut leaf (Bge)
SO.LAVA-A Lavaa (of a capable person) Able to do or understand more (Sby)
NP.LEMO.2 Lemo/yi Delicious, good tasting Uncertain Semantic Connection (Bge)
NP.LEMO.2 Lemo/yia Oily, slippery, hence pleasant tasting (Sby)
FJ.LEPA.1 Lepa (of sail) Flap in the wind (Sby)
EP.REWA.1A Lewa Dead Problematic (Bge)
EC.ROE Leo Ant Phonologically Irregular (Sby)
PN.LOTO.C Looto/a Deeply in love (Bge)
PN.LOTU.1 Lotu Desire, beseech (archaic) (Sby)
EO.MA-.1 Ma- Stativiser (Sby)
PN.MALA.4 Mala Unidentified fish sp. (Sby)
PN.MAALIE.A Malie Good, pleasant (Sby)
OC.MATUQU.A Matuu To dry (from a wet state) (Sby)
PN.MAQU.1 Mou Often, over and over again. Pre-verbal particle of frequency (with verbs of motion) (Sby). Phonologically Irregular (Bge)
PN.MAQU-LALO Maolalo Deep Phonologically Irregular (Sby)
OC.MISI.B Mii/kia Smack the lips in admiration (Bge)
PN.NAQA.3 Na/naa To hide (Bge)
CE.NONE Ngini ma/ngone Abundant, countless (Sby)
CK.NUKU-ROA. Nukuloa Traditional name for Motu Ko (Sby)
PN.O O Of (Bge)
NP.OLI.2 Waka/oli/oli To feint (with a weapon) (Bge)
CE.PANA.1B Pana/pana te uaua Slow pulse (Bge)
CE.PAU.1E Te wii mea pau Absolutely everything (Sby)
MP.PISI.1 Pi/pii Sprinkle, drip, come in (of tide). Spurt, gush out (Sby). (Bge)
MP.POA.1 Po/poa Food Uncertain Semantic Connection (Bge)
PN.POLA-POLA Polapola Coconut leaf mat or platter. Flat coconut-leaf platter braided from one end and knotted (Sby). (Bge)
EP.PURAPURA Ulaula Descent line from an ancestor Phonologically Irregular (Sby)
PN.PUUPUU.4 Puupuu Bundle of mulch (Sby)
FJ.PAAPAA Au/paa Sling-jaw Wrasse (Epibulus insidiator) (Sby)
EO.SAQALO Yalu Scrape pandanus leaves with shell to make them smooth Phonologically Irregular (Mta)
PN.SIKU-SIKU Lau yikuyiku, lau yukuyuku End of coconut frond thrown as a challenge (Sby)
PN.SINU-SINU Yinuyinu Oily (Mta)
PN.SINU-SINU Yiyinu Polished, shiny, smooth, without spots or roughness. Even, straight, with uniform tension (of plaiting) (Bge). (Mta)
CE.SIWA.2 Paatuki yiva Dark colour phase of Paracirrhites hemistictus (Whitespot Hawkfish) (Sby)
PN.TAFA-TAFA Tawatawa Part of the reef that separates the deep from the shallow lagoon (Mta)
PN.TAFITO.A Tawito Base of tree (Sby)
PN.TAFOLA.2 Taawola Open space or area (e.g. field) (Mta)
NP.TAKA-FULI Wulitaka Turn over and over; move from side to side Phonologically Irregular (Mta)
PN.TALA-TALA.A Talatala Thorny (Sby)
PN.TALA-A-TUQA Tala tua Dorsal spine of fish (Sby)
AN.TALI.1 Kali Wait for (modern) Phonologically Irregular (Sby)
PN.TAMA-TAQANE Tama taane Son (Bge)
PN.TIKE.1A Tike To stay still, to lie (of things). Sit for a while waiting (Sby). (Bge)
PN.TOO.1A To/ki To plant, to erect; to dig up soil (for taro planting) (Bge)

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