Pukapuka entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
TA.MURA Mu/mula To burn, singe. Glowing red, flaming red (in chants) (Sby). Borrowed (Bge)
MP.MURI.1A Muli Behind, last (Sby)
PN.MURI.1B Muli Back (Sby)
CE.MUTU.1C Mutu Become silent, cease speaking (Sby)
EP.NO Noo Belonging to, of, from (Sby)
PN.OO.1 Woo Tiny reef fish on which bonito feed, Caesio spp. (Sby)
NP.MUKA.1B Muko/muko Coconut in sixth stage of growth; the edible flesh inside the mesocarp of the nut at the point of attachment of stalk to nut (Sby)
PN.PAE-GA.A Paenga Prepared sennit fibre; place where it is buried in mud; the contents of the mound (Sby)
EP.PASII Payii Boat, ship (Sby)
TA.PATA.4 Pata Flick a marble, tap with finger (Sby)
CE.POO-RUTU Poolutu/lutu To rain heavily (Sby)
FJ.PULU.5 Yee/pulu/pulu Ten coconuts (Sby)
NP.PULU.7 Pulu/pulu Grab, hold in the arms (Sby)
CE.PUNA-RUA Punalua Second marriage and offspring (Sby)
PN.SAQA.2 Yaa- Prefix before several names of patrilineages and their associated cemeteries (Sby)
EP.SAPE.B Yope Irregular, misshapen, deformed Problematic (Sby)
PN.SAU.7 Yau/yau nunui Benevolent (Sby)
CE.SIGA.B Yinga To be thrown down in wrestling, hence defeated (Sby)
CP.SILA.1A Yila Light, shine Uncertain Semantic Connection (Sby)
EC.SOKE Yoke Swallowtail. Pompano (Trachinotus spp.) (McC), (Sby)
EC.SOKE Yoke mangoo Young shark (Sby)
CE.SORA Ola To poison fish Phonologically Irregular (Sby)
PN.SOLO-GA Yoolonga Patrilineage, thought of as “moving” towards the cemetery (Sby)
PN.SOLO.4 Yolo/nga Movement of people (Sby)
NP.SOLO.2B Olo Pudding of grated taro Phonologically Irregular (Sby)
CE.SORU Wolu(wolu) Agitated, rough (of sea) Phonologically Irregular (Sby)
CE.TAU-RUA Taulua Double canoe (archaic) Problematic (Sby)
FU.FAKA-TILI Ka/tili Progeny, descendants from an ancestor; bilateral kin or kinship group (Sby)
PN.TOKO-TOKO Tokotoko Walking stick (Sby)
PN.TUQU-RUA-POO Tuuluaapoo Middle of the night (Sby)
NP.USU.2 Uyu To intone a chant (Sby)
CE.WAHII Vayii Cover Borrowed (Sby)
CE.WIKI.1 Vi/viki Be quick, fast Borrowed (Sby)
SO.TAKA-WIRI Takavili/vili To spin (as a top) (Bge)
FJ.AA-NINI Waka/yanini Giddy, faint (Sby)
MP.FAGA.1A Wanga/a Broken in pieces (Sby)
TA.FAA-TATA Vaatata Near Borrowed (Sby)
PN.FATU-GA.2 Watu/mau/nga Starting edge of a mat Problematic (Sby)
MP.FITI.1A Witi To be upset at words spoken Uncertain Semantic Connection (Sby)
MP.FITI.1A Witi/witi To jump on someone for wrongs done Uncertain Semantic Connection (Sby)
EC.MAGA-MAGA.B Mangamanga a lima Finger (Bge)
EC.MAGA-MAGA.B Mangamanga a vae Toe (Bge)
PN.KEHO.1 Keo/nga Point of land (Sby)
NP.TEE-LAA Teelaa Demonstrative: that, there (at a distance) (Bge)
MP.MATA-QI-HUHU Mata a wuu Nipple of breast (Bge)
TA.PUPU.B Pupu Class, team, group of people (Sby)
PN.TAQA.2 Taa Sweat (n) (Bge)
SO.FAKANAVA Wakanava A tree (Cordia subcordata) (Sby)
NP.TAU-SINU.* Taeyinu Tree sp. (Tournefortia argentea) Phonologically Irregular (Bge)
PN.FAKA-MAA Wakamaa Ashamed, shy (Bge)

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