Nukuoro entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
EO.WAA.1 Aude vaa/vaa Don't talk about this to anyone! (Crl)
EC.SIU.* S/sui Wet Phonologically Irregular (Crl)
PN.MAQU-A Maua Obtain; caught, gotten; able to (Crl)
PN.TO-TOLO Tolo Crawl (Crl)
PN.WAI-A Vaia Abounding in water (Crl)
SO.AAVA Haga/ava(ava) Relieve; provide or receive support (continually) (Crl)
PN.FAKA-KITE Hakide To reveal oneself to someone (of a ghost); to show (familiarize with) (Crl)
OC.WE-WELA Haga/v/vela Hot (of the weather) (Crl)
PN.FAKA-AGI Hagaangiangi Expose to a breeze (Crl)
PN.KAI-GA.B Gainga Trash, garbage; braided dead coconut fronds used in buttressing the sides of *uinga* (Crl)
NP.KAI-GA.A Gainga o de moana Fish (when abundant in the ocean nearby) (Crl)
NP.KELO.1A Gelo Deep; profound (of thoughts or feelings); deepest part of communal fishing net, where the fish are trapped (Crl)
NP.KELO.1A Geelo/nga A depression (in the reef or ground etc.) (Crl)
FJ.TAKELE.A Dagelo Bottom, foundation Phonologically Irregular (Crl)
NP.FENUQU.B Henuu Method of plaiting (Crl)
PN.MATA-MATA Madamada a me A miscellaneous assortment (Crl)
PN.OFO.B Oho/oho Frightened by noise (Crl)
NP.LOMA.2B Loma Very calm, silent (Crl)
PN.LOLO.1B Lol/lolo Oily (Crl)
PN.WAA.2 Vaa/dagidahi Scattered (not in a cluster) (Crl)
NP.WAA-WAA.3 Vava Leaky (Crl)
NP.WAA-WAA.3 Vava de gede Forgetful (esp. with increasing age) (Crl)
NP.WAA-WAA.3 Vava de gudu Talkative, indiscreet (Crl)
PN.RAQA-KAU.B Laagau Wood, stick (of wood) (Crl)
SO.MAAFULU Mahulu Wakefulness (Crl)
SO.FAI-FEKAU Hai hegau Work (v) (Crl)
PN.TAU-SOA Dau soa Boyfriend, girlfriend; couple (not married), going steady (of an unmarried couple) (Crl)

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