Niue entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
CP.SEU Ma/heu/heu Dishevelled (McE)
CP.MAA-TAU Matau/tau Clever at work (Lws)
CP.SILA.1A Mata/hela Cross-eyed (Sph)
PN.KIWI.2 Mata/kivi Blind (abusive) (Lws)
CE.MATA-POOURI Matapoouli Blind one, the blind (Sph)
PN.TUQU-TAGA Faka/tutaga/maalie Half (Lws)
PN.MASA-IA Mahaia Aground (of fish) (Lws)
XW.MATE-GUUGUU Mateguuguu To be physically tired, exhausted, weary (Sph)
FJ.MELE.3 Mele Hacking cough, clearing cough (Lws)
EC.ULU-GI Ulu To steer Problematic (Tgr)
PN.SOANI Fai/hoani Help (Lws)
PN.KOWI.B Fe/kovi/aki Mutual variance (Lws)
XW.MAALIE.C Malie Exclamation showing pleasure at fine singing or dancing (Samoan) (McE)
OC.HULI.1 Uli/hega Round scad (Decapterus macrosoma). Herring (McE). Phonologically Irregular (Sph)
XW.VILI.2 Vili To vote, to cast lots; to elect to make a special visit (Sph)
PN.TUQU-KEHE Faka/tukehe Sorrowful Uncertain Semantic Connection (Wms)
FJ.HOGAHOGA Faka/hogohogo To provoke (McE)
PN.TE-QA Ha Genitive case marker with plural pronouns (Sph)
NP.TEE-IA.* Haia That (referring to something already mentioned); that is, that is it, there it is, that is so, etc. Problematic (McE)
PN.HUI-TUQA Ivitua Backbone (Sph)
PN.OLA.1 Ola/tia To be plentiful (ex. fish catch). To be successful (as in fishing etc.) (McE). (Sph)
MP.SISI.2 Hihi/vao Land snail (McE)
PN.TIPA Faka/tipa/tipa To steer (McE)
PN.WASA-QA Vahaa Time, season, space (Sph)
PN.WASA-QA Vehaa Space in between; to be spread out (in time or space) (Sph)
PN.WASA-QA Vahaa/loto Relationship (Sph)
PN.WA-WAA Va/vaa Ravine, a rocky hole with a narrow entrance (Sph)
PN.FAKA-QOTI.C Fakaoti For good and all (McE)
PN.MAQU-A Moua Get, obtain; catch; possess, have; find (Sph)
PN.TO-TOLO Totolo To crawl (of people and animals) (Sph)
PN.FAKA-KITE Fakakite To show (Sph)
PN.FIA-MOHE Fia mohe Sleepy, drowsy (Sph)
PN.FAKA-AGI Fakaagi To cause to blow [ex. God, wind] (Sph)
PN.FAKA-AGI Fakaagiagi To air out (Sph)
PN.KITE-A Kitia See, be seen, look, perceive Phonologically Irregular (Sph)
PN.MA-RAMA.C Maama Understand, know; knowledge, understanding (Sph)
PN.MATA-MATA Faka/matamata To kindle (traditionally associated with 'small pieces' of kindling materials used to start the 'eye' of a fire) (Sph)
PN.MATE-HOGE Matehoge To starve (Sph)
OC.MAHU.B Mahu To finish (refers to excretory functions) (Sph)
PN.OFO.B Ofo To cause surprise; to be surprised, astonished; surprising, wonderul (McE)
FJ.FIHI Vihi Entangled, trapped [ex. fly in spider web]. Plaited (McE). (Sph)
FJ.PUTU-KI Putu To heap (vt) (Sph)
PN.TUSU.B Matalima-tuhi Forefinger (McE)
NP.LOMA.2B Ma/loma To be gone secretly Problematic (Sph)
PN.LOLO.1B Lolo Luscious, delicious (Sph)
FJ.TAKELE.A Takele. Taakele (Sph). To dwell, be based upon Uncertain Semantic Connection (McE)
AN.KUMI-KUMI Kumukumu Chin (Sph)
PN.RAQA-KAU.B Akau Wood, timber; weapon (Sph)
PN.RAQA-KAU.B Laakau Sewing machine Borrowed (Sph)
PN.MEQA-KAI Mena kai Food (Sph)

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