Niue entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
FJ.LUKU.A Luku/luku A double handful (McE)
PN.MAAUI Maui Foreigner (from Maui, the demigod, supposed to live in the underworld) (McE)
TO.FIGO Figo To crumple (Sph)
TO.FIGO Fi/figo To wither, wrinkle (Sph)
TO.FIGO Ma/figo/figo Crumpled (of fabrics); wrinkled (of skin) (Sph)
NP.MA-FITI Mafiti Swift, quick Problematic (Sph)
MP.SALA.3 Ma/hala Come apart (of cloth sewn together); be conquered, beaten in a game (McE)
PN.SEGI.A Ma/hegi/hegi Twilight; indistinct (Sph)
PN.MALE Male Cough (Lws)
PN.UKA.C Mata/uka Stubborn, obstinate (McE)
CE.KANA.2 Mata/ka/kana Leering, lascivious looking; lustful. To look over something very thoroughly (with a mischievous purpose) (Sph). Problematic (McE)
PN.KEU.1 Mata/keu Cross-eyed (McE)
MP.PAKU.A Mata/paku Beginning to heal up (of wounds) (McE)
MP.PAKU.D Mata/paku A scab, pimple (Lws)
EO.POKO.1 Mata/poko Blind (disrespectful term) (McE)
AN.PULA.2A Mata/pula Pearl (in eye) (Lws)
PN.MEGE Me/mege To shrink, contract; wrinkled with age (McE)
OC.QAO.1 Ao Clouds (Lws)
OC.FATI.A A/fati Rough, broken reef; blowholes. Coastal cliff with no reef (McE). Problematic (Tgr)
AN.QAHO Aho/ngia Overtaken by daylight (McE)
PN.QUMOTI Omoti A cork, stopper Phonologically Irregular (Tgr)
PN.FAI-TAMA Faitama To have a child (Lws)
PN.FAGATUA Fagatua Wrestle (Lws)
TA.INA-INA Faka/inaina To produce desire Problematic (Lws)
PN.QAUEE Faka/ue. Faka/aue (Lws). To thank someone (Sph)
PN.FAKA-LOTOLOTO-RUA Faka/ua/ua To be reluctant, undecided Problematic (Sph)
PN.FANOGO.A Fenono Silence (of a person) Problematic (McE)
PN.FANOGO.A Faka/fenono To be silent Problematic (McE)
FJ.SOSAQA Faka/hoha To annoy (Tgr)
PN.LAWE.2A Faka/lave/lave Obstruct, hinder, cause strife (Tgr)
PN.LEMU Faka/lemu To muddy Problematic (Lws)
PN.FAKA-LOGO Faka(no)nono To be silent Phonologically Irregular (Tgr)
PN.TILA Faka/tila To steer, to veer off Uncertain Semantic Connection (Wbr)
FJ.TOLO.2A Faka/tolo/tolo To crouch (McE)
PN.FAKA-TONU.B Fakatonu To tell plainly (McE)
EO.FILO Filo kaufana Bow string (Lws)
OC.FAQO.1C Fo To bore a hole. To mortise (Tgr). (Lws)
PN.HAGAI Hagai To look towards (Lws)
PN.HAGA.2 Haga/haga To look about (Lws)
PN.SAKI Haki To throw down (Lws)
PN.SEGA.1 Hega The parrakeet's red feathers under the beak (Tgr)
PN.HOFI Ho/hofi noa To yearn over. To be merciful (McE). (Tgr)
PN.MULU.1 Kai/mulu To harvest prematurely; to deplete; to harvest (steal) someone else's crops. Greedy (Lws). (Sph)
MP.KAFA.1 Kafa Cinnet (Lws)
SO.KAPUTI Kaputi A covering for fruit Problematic (Tgr)
NP.KAWA.1B Ka/kava (pass. kava/hia (Lws)). Acrid, bitter Problematic (McE)
PN.KELE-A Kelea Bad, evil (Sph)
MP.KEMO Kemo/kemo To blink; to make signs with the eyes (McE)
PN.LAMA.1 Lama/kai To be mean, stingy Uncertain Semantic Connection (Sph)
PN.MAGA-MAGA.A Magamaga Complex (Lws)

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