Niue entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
PN.E.3 Naa ee Postposed vocative: O! (McE)
PN.TE-RA Ee Demonstrative: this, these (McE)
XW.KAA-FAI Ka/eke If (indeed) Phonologically Irregular (Sph)
PN.MA-FAI Ma/eke To be able, to be possible, can, to be allowed Phonologically Irregular (Sph)
PN.MOKO.1B Moko elo Stink beetle (Sph)
FJ.ROO.1 Fe/olo To wander about. To wander to and fro [ex. people] (McE). Phonologically Irregular (Sph)
PN.WAO.B Hola/vao To run wild [ex. pig] (Sph)
PN.QUGA-AFI Gaafi. Ugafi (Lws). Firewood (Sph)
OC.FATI.A Fa/fati/anga A measure. Allocation (Sph). (McE)
PN.FITI.2 Ulu-fiti Crisp, curly hair, like that of the Fijians (Tgr)
PN.KAWE.2B Kave Cord, thread, line (derived from the original meaning of strips of bark used for carrying loads on the back) (Sph)
PN.MANIA.1 Maniania To have the teeth set on edge (Tgr)
EO.NOA.1 Noa Free, unrestrained, boundless (McE)
PN.FIITAQA.B Fita Fatigued, wearied (a complimentary word) (Tgr)
TO.GINI Gini/gini Small rain (Tgr)
AN.LIKO.2 Liko/liko Open, empty (occurs only in association with lagi or puulagi, space) Uncertain Semantic Connection (Sph)
EP.RURE Lule To wobble (of something fat and plumpish) (Sph)
EP.RURE Lule/lule Wobbly, unstable (McE)
PN.MALIE Talu/melie Fertile (soil) (McE)
EC.NAMU.1B Nemu/nemu Small particles, scraps. Small particles of fibre (Sph). Problematic (McE)
PN.TUQU-GA.2 Tuga/tuga, tuga/veve Rubbish heap (Sph)
PN.TUQU-GA.2 Tuga laakau A place where sticks and branches are placed when clearing land (Sph)
PN.HAKE.C Hake Following, next (time, day, week, year) (Sph)
PN.FOHE-MURI Fohe mui vaka Steering paddle; an oar; third crew member of a three-man canoe (Sph)
FJ.PALI.1A Pali/a Hill Problematic (Sph)
TO.LITI Liti To throw, cast (Sph)
PN.QUU.A U/gafi Firewood (Lws)
NP.FAKA-TAGI Fakatagi Pandean pipes (Lws)
AN.LOQI-MATA Fakato/loimata Tears (Lws)
XW.LEVA Leva To be a long time; for a long time (Sph)
EC.LE-LEA.1 Faalea (pl. faalelea) Disorderly, noisy Uncertain Semantic Connection (McE)
PN.MISI.A Fe/mihi/aki To wail (pl.) (Lws)
PN.KALU.A Kalu/hihi The eye (abusively) (Lws)
PN.KALU.B Kalu/kalu Watery sediment (Lws)
PN.KANIWA Kaniva Milky way; a vein (Lws)
PN.KANIWA Kaniva Upper corner [of a room] Uncertain Semantic Connection (Sph)
PN.UMA.B Kano/uma Lean meat Uncertain Semantic Connection (Sph)
NP.KAWA-PUI Kavapui Ginger Problematic (Lws)
PN.KEE.2 Kee/ke To scold (Lws)
PN.KEKE-KEKE Ke/keke To cluck (Lws)
OC.KOKOO Koo To crow, bark, squeal (McE)
NP.KAWA-PUI Kamapui Citronella grass (Cymbopogon nardus); also an introduced ornamental plant (Alpinia speciosa); [also refers to ginger spp. with added modifiers] Problematic (McE)
EC.MITI.3B Kolo/miti (Motu dialect), kolo/mete (Tafiti dialect) Whirlpool (McE)
PN.KOTE Kote/kote Speak thickly... (Lws)
AN.KOTI.1 Koti/koti To notch, to fringe (McE)
NP.KUUKUU.1 Kukuu Noise of manutagi Problematic (Lws)
PN.LAGA.1D Langa To rise against; to race, wrestle; to lift... (McE)
NP.TII.3 La/ti/ti Scorching hot (of sun) (Lws)
PN.LI-AKI Lia/liaki To whirl round (Lws)
PN.LIGO Lingo/lingo Numb (McE)

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