Niue entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
PN.TOFA.2 Tofa/tofa To bless; to give instructions or guidance as to behaviour Uncertain Semantic Connection (Sph)
PN.TOFI-QA Tofia The sea (implies a healthy respect for the sea) Uncertain Semantic Connection (Sph)
PN.TOGI.2 Togi To replant, replace (shoots that do not grow) (Sph)
FJ.TOSO Toho/toho To attempt rape (Sph)
PN.TOQI Toi/a Stained (Sph)
NP.TOKA-QALA Tokaala Uterus (Sph)
PN.TALITALI-QULI Tolitoliuli Fish sp. (small black fish, attached to bigger fish, poss. cleaner wrasse) (Sph)
FJ.TOLO.2A Tolo Move; assemble, come together (of people); young lice Uncertain Semantic Connection (Sph)
PN.TOLOFI Tolo/tolofi To get together, assemble [of people] Uncertain Semantic Connection (Sph)
TO.TOTI.2 Toti To prick or stab something lightly (Sph)
NP.TOTI.1 Toti/toti To tiptoe quickly (Sph)
FJ.TONU.1A To/tonu Gentle, kind Uncertain Semantic Connection (Sph)
XW.TUQA.4 Tua/haa Suspicious Uncertain Semantic Connection (Sph)
PN.SUI Tui To substitute, [replace] Phonologically Irregular (Sph)
PN.TUKE.1 Tuke Thorax of a crab (Sph)
PN.TURI-QI-WAQE Tuli/hui Knee Problematic (Sph)
PN.TULI.3 Tuli/a To be unwanted, rejected (by the opposite sex) (Sph)
AN.TULU.1 Tulu/i To treat (usually medical); to teach a lesson, put a stop to something (Sph)
PN.TUME Tuma To move slowly [ex. ship] (Sph)
XW.MAULU Tu/moulu, tu/maulu To be secretly infatuated (Sph)
FJ.TUGU.2 Tumu Cavity in rocks, trees etc. where water collects (Sph)
PN.SUO Tuoo Shovel; to scoop, to shovel Phonologically Irregular (Sph)
PN.TUPE.2 Tupe/tupe To stumble, stagger; to be concerned Uncertain Semantic Connection (Sph)
CE.TUU-TARA Tuutala Talk to each other, converse, chat Problematic (Sph)
CP.WASA Tuta/vaaha. Tuta/vaha (Sph). The ocean; out at sea. Horizon of the ocean; out to sea (Sph). (McE)
PN.UAKI Uaki Spear made of one piece of wood (i.e. without separate point). One-barbed spear (Sph). (McE)
PN.UE.B Ue/a To concentrate; to prophesy (McE)
PN.QUFI.3 Ufi/a To be covered; to overlook, to escape the memory. To forget (Sph). (McE)
AN.QUGA Uga/uga A sea-dwelling hermit crab (Wbr)
AN.QUGA Uga/mea A land-dwelling hermit crab (Sph)
NP.QULA-QULA Ulaula Spiked prawn (Saron marmoratus) Problematic (Sph)
SO.QUMO (U)uma Pick [out,up] with thumb and index finger; pinch (to kill small land-crab) Problematic (Sph)
XW.FAGA.7 Vaga/vaga Temple, flat space between forehead and ear Phonologically Irregular (Sph)
PN.ASA.2 V/aha Fin of a fish [exx. of tuna spp.] Phonologically Irregular (Sph)
XW.WAQI-GA Vaiga To joke, to tease (Sph)
XW.WAQI-GA Faka/vai To trick, to play a practical joke; to lie, to tell a lie. Betray, deceive... (McE). (Sph)
PN.TAKAI Vakai To wind round, roll up Phonologically Irregular (McE)
XW.WANU (Va)vanu Endless depth, bottomless pit (Sph)
XW.WANU Va/vanu To go on and on, go out of sight (McE)
PN.WAI-WAI Va/vai Spongy, rubbery (of taro) (Sph)
PN.WALO.1 Va/valo To moan, complain (Sph)
PN.QENE Vene To tickle or touch lightly (so as to get someone's attention); to itch, irritate, be rough (of throat); small kalahimu crab Phonologically Irregular (Sph)
NP.FENUQU.A* Venu Plant fibre, small fibrous piece of anything Problematic (Sph)
EP.WEO Veo Brass Problematic (Sph)
PN.WEU.2 Veu(veu) To search thoroughly, to open something up. Uncover (McE). Uncertain Semantic Connection (Sph)
PN.FAKA-SELE Fakahele To love, to care for; loved one (Sph)
XW.FESI-QA Vihia-tia To be hated, disliked Phonologically Irregular (Sph)
AN.FILI.1 Vili To vote, to cast lots; to elect to make a special visit (Sph)
OC.WILI.1A Vilo Gimlet, drill; to drill, to turn; to turn on [ex. tap]; pinch, twist Phonologically Irregular (Sph)
PN.FE-QILO-AKI Faka/feilo To agree on a peaceful settlement, to reconcile (Sph)

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