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Protoform Item Description Source
NO.PA-TAKE Lake/lake Shallow Problematic (Sph)
PN.LAKU.3 Laki Carry or hold a large load (Sph)
TO.LAKU.2 Laku To touch, handle (urually with negative connotation). To mix (McE). (Sph)
TO.LAKUA Lakua Fish sp., blenny or skipper (Blennidae) (Sph)
AN.LATA.1 La/lata Tame (Sph)
PN.NAO Lao, nao To probe (with finger or hand), put one's fingers or hand into something (Sph)
TO.LAU.4 Lau Chorus (sung when dragging weights etc.); to help; to have similar habits (wife and husband) (McE)
TO.LAU.4 Lau To be well acquainted, to get on well (Sph)
PN.LAU-GA Laauga Sermon, discourse; to present a sermon. To talk continuously (McE). (Sph)
XW.LAUKAU Laukou Greenery; foliage (McE)
AN.LAWA.2 Lava, lave To wrap (Sph)
PN.LAWE.2B Lave Wear or use temporarily (Sph)
PN.REGA-REGA Legalega Shaded, spotted Uncertain Semantic Connection (Sph)
MP.QASU Lehu Scoop out, ladle out Problematic (Sph)
PN.LEQO.2 Leo To wait Uncertain Semantic Connection (Sph)
FJ.LIKA Lia/lia/pou Giddy Phonologically Irregular (Sph)
OC.SIKI.1A Liki/ti, niki/ti Lift, hold up, uplift, raise Phonologically Irregular (Sph)
PN.LILI.1 Lili/lili To really want something (implies being envious and "put out" if one cannot get it) Uncertain Semantic Connection (Sph)
MP.LILI.2 Lili/lili Shaky, not firm Uncertain Semantic Connection (McE)
OC.NOFO Nofo/i, lofo/i To sit carelessly (in terms of comfort and cleanliness) (Sph)
XW.LOA.3 Lo/i To smear (Sph)
MP.LOKU Loku Carry a heavy load; fish with a rod Uncertain Semantic Connection (Sph)
OC.LAPA.2 Lo/lopa To glitter, to glare (as on a very bright day) Phonologically Irregular (McE)
OC.LAPA.2 Lo/lopa/gia To be dazzled Phonologically Irregular (Sph)
PN.MA-QOPO Maopo, malopo Out of shape Phonologically Irregular (Sph)
PN.QOPO Lopo To crush Problematic (Sph)
PN.QOPO Lopo/ti To close, cover; take all for oneself; take good care Problematic (Sph)
XW.LOTE Lote To scratch (Sph)
XW.LOTE Lo/lote To scratch severely (McE)
PN.LOTU.1 Lot/i To bless (Sph)
PN.LUU.1 Luu Young taro leaves used for food (mixed with coconut cream and baked in oven) (Sph)
OC.LAPA.2 Lupa To spark, to flare Phonologically Irregular (Sph)
TO.LUTU Lutu To move (vt) (Sph)
SO.MAQAA Maaa Brother-in-law, sister-in-law Problematic (Sph)
PN.MAQA.1 Maa/ki To be faded, washed out (Sph)
CC.FUNA.3 Ma/funa/funa Crumble, fall to bits. Mashed (McE). (Sph)
MP.MAGO Maago/a Empty, dry (of fallen coconut) (Sph)
PN.QILO-GA Ma/iloga To distinguish, to recognize, to acknowledge. Sign, mark (McE). (Sph)
PN.MAA-NOQA Manoa. Maanoa (McE). Thread. Spool, reel (McE). (Sph)
PN.MAO.2 Mao mao V mai: Be perceived (by speaker) as a result of V Uncertain Semantic Connection (Sph)
PN.MATA-QALI Mataali Premature (of fruit) (Sph)
SO.TAFA-QATA Ma/tafa/tafa Break of day. Daybreak (Sph). (McE)
SO.TAFA-QATA Ma/tafa/tafaata Early morning (McE)
PN.MATA-A-PULE Matapule/ga Ceremonial rite of passage (in modern times associated with circumcision) (Sph)
AN.MATUQA.A Matua Elder (n) (Sph)
NP.MEA.1B Mea Fish gills Problematic (Sph)
PN.MELO Melo Mixed (of colour) (mainly refers to shades of yellow, green, red and brown); to redden (of face or eyes, as when close to tears) (Sph)
PN.MIO.1A Miko To twist Phonologically Irregular (Sph)
NP.ME.1B Mo As Problematic (Sph)
CE.MOKE Moke Nothing left. Oti moke, completely finished Problematic (Sph)

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