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Protoform Item Description Source
PN.FOTA.1A Fota/fota To press repeatedly, massage (Sph)
PN.QINA-TI Iga Each (v). To act individually (McE). (Sph)
PN.INA.1 I/ina To frighten someone with something (Sph)
MP.IO.1 Ioo Interjection in old chants, praising something or someone Uncertain Semantic Connection (Sph)
AN.KAU.3 Kaa Stick; cutting (of plant) Phonologically Irregular (Sph)
PN.TAKAI Kakai Surroundings, environment Phonologically Irregular (Sph)
CE.GAKI.A Kaki To try hard to do something or get something; to strive Problematic (Sph)
PN.KAKU.1 Kaku/kaku To try to do something (in which one is unskilled); to attemps swimming (of a non-swimmer). (Sph)
PN.KAA.1 K(a)aa/lagi Wedge-tailed shearwater (Puffinus pacificus) (Sph)
EC.KALEVE Kaleve Toddy (the sweet sap extracted from the bud of the coconut palm, not a traditional drink) (Sph)
TO.KALO.4 Kalo To stir (liquid in big containers) (Sph)
CE.KA-RAPA Kalopa To glitter Problematic (Sph)
PN.GANA.2B Ka/naga/naga, ta/naga/naga To become known Problematic (Sph)
PN.FANA-KIO Fanaiho Tree sp. (Sterculia fanaiho) (Whr)
XW.KINAU Kanau To hinder; indistinct (voice) Phonologically Irregular (Sph)
OC.KANO.1A Kano/kano To sound in a harmonious way Uncertain Semantic Connection (Sph)
PN.KAANONI Kanoni To reduce the heat of the earth oven by adding unheated stones (Sph)
PN.KAPE.2 Kape To take or scoop out, prise out (Sph)
AN.KATI Kati To nibble, gnaw (Sph)
PN.TOFI-QA Ka/tofia Boundary; to share a boundary (Sph)
MP.PIA.1 Kau/pia Arrowroot leftover (dregs) (Sph)
PN.PUU.2 Kau/puu Bottom, backside (Sph)
MP.KAWE.2A Kave To carry an ill feeling (Sph)
PN.KEFU Kefu Disrespectful term of address (used in quarrelling); affectionate address to a boy Uncertain Semantic Connection (McE)
PN.KEKE-KEKE Kekekeke Harsh (of voice) (Sph)
PN.KENA.1A Kena To be split (of hair), to have split ends Uncertain Semantic Connection (Sph)
FJ.KETU.1 Ketu To push something aside; comb (hair) (Sph)
PN.KETU.2 Ketu/ketu Pig's trotters (Sph)
FJ.KETU.1 Ketu/ketu Wooden comb (Sph)
FJ.KETU.1 Ketu/ketu To paddle swiftly Uncertain Semantic Connection (McE)
PN.KIKII Kii To whistle in a shrill manner. To fart (Sph). To squeak (Lws). (McE)
TO.KIA.2 Kia To peep, to poke out one's head (Sph)
OC.KATEA K(i)ataa Starboard (Sph)
PN.KIKII Kiii To squal, to shout in a shrill voice Phonologically Irregular (Sph)
PN.KISI.1 Kiki, kihi Stunted growth Phonologically Irregular (Sph)
EP.KOKI Koke/koke Handicapped person, chronically sick person Phonologically Irregular (Sph)
PN.KIO-KIO Kookio Beardfish (Polymixia japonica) Phonologically Irregular (Sph)
FJ.NOKU Koku To bend down, stoop Phonologically Irregular (Sph)
EP.KORE Kole(kole) Last portion, final part or stage. Last scraps of anything (McE). Problematic (Sph)
CP.KOLI.2 Koli/vao Tree sp. (Syzygium richii)... (Sph)
NP.KOOMULI Komuli Fish sp., trevally, dark colour, caught at night Problematic (Sph)
CP.KONO Kono/kono To grunt (with effort) (McE)
CP.KONO Kono To feel discontented, to moan, to sulk (Sph)
OC.KOTO.2 Koto To cut hurriedly or carelessly Uncertain Semantic Connection (Sph)
PN.KIKII Kuii/kuii To squeak Phonologically Irregular (Sph)
NP.KULU.2 Kulu/i-a To slay (archaic) (Sph)
TO.KUPU-TI Kuputi. Kuputi/a (McE) To encircle, embrace (Sph)
PN.KUPU.2 Kupu/kupu Checked (pattern), variegated, striped (Sph)
XW.LAGA.3 Laga To have labour pains, to be in labour (Sph)
PN.LAGA.1D Laga/a Cause, affect, influence (Sph)

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