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Protoform Item Description Source
FJ.KALIA Kalia The double canoe of the Tongans; fish sp. called ulu rua, from the peculiar formation of its forehead. Double-headed wrasse (Bolbometopon) (Gty). (Cpl)
??.KALO.2 Qalo A tree (Weinmannia richii) (Cpl)
SO.KALO-KALO Kalokalo Imported aster plant, a garden flower Problematic (Cpl)
SO.KALO-KALO Qaloqalo/vosa A plant (Glochidion cordatum) Borrowed (Cpl)
FJ.KALOLO Kalolo Bent to one side by excessive burden on shoulder (Cpl)
FJ.KALOLO Kalo Pull bowstring (Cpl)
FJ.KAMA.2 Kama Burnt, conflagration (Cpl)
MP.KAMI.1 Qami/ta To shut the mouth [Lau Dialect] (Cpl)
FJ.KAMU.1 Qamu/ta Take hold of with pincers or between the teeth; shut (the mouth) (Cpl)
MP.KANAHE Kanace Mullet (Cpl)
MP.KANAWA Nawanawa A tree (Cordia subcordata) (Cpl)
FJ.KANU Kanu Marking on pottery, whether raised or incised (Cpl)
FJ.KANU Kanu/kanu Resembling the markings, intricate (Cpl)
FJ.KAPA-TIKO Kabatiko (Lethrinus sp.) (Gty)
CE.KAPE.3 Kabe Brandish a spear or club (Cpl)
PN.KAPI.C Kabi-ta Stick to, adhere; be close (Cpl)
MP.KAPI.A Qavi Fasten thatch down with sticks Phonologically Irregular (Cpl)
FJ.KAPO.1 Kabo Take hold of hot object with leaves (Cpl)
OC.KAPOA Kaboa A small black fish that goes about in shoals; Catfish (Siluridae) (Cpl)
FJ.KAPU.2 Kabu Sow small seeds; fog, mist, haze (Cpl)
MP.KASI.1 Kai Shellfish Problematic (Cpl)
MP.KASI.1 Kasi/kasi Small variety of crab Problematic (Hkt)
AN.KASO.1 Kaso Cross-spar on outrigger (Cpl)
PN.KASO-KASO.1 Soka Rib of a boat Problematic (Cpl)
PN.KASOKASO.2 Kasokaso Kind of yam (Cpl)
MP.KATA.2 Kasa The petiole stem, pedicule of a leaf, flower or fruit; stalks or small branches of some plant (Cpl)
MP.KATA.2 Kada/kada Acalypha rivularis Problematic (Cpl)
MP.KATA.2 Gata Gleichenia linearis Problematic (Hkt)
OC.KATAFA.A Kasaqa Frigate-bird (Cpl)
OC.KATEA Kataa Canoe side opposite outrigger (Gty)
AN.KATI Kati Bite, nip v (Cpl)
MP.KATO.1 Kato Basket, box, trunk, suitcase (Cpl)
PN.KATOA Katoa Very plentiful (of draught of fish) (Cpl)
PN.KAU.2A I kau Bunch (of bananas) (Cpl)
AN.KAU.3 Kau Wood, timber, tree, stick (Cpl)
FJ.KAUA Kaa/kua A word of prohibition; do not, forbear to; a sign of the negative imperative (Cpl)
FJ.IRI.B Iri Fan (v) (Cpl)
PN.KAU-HAGA Saga- Thigh (Cpl)
PN.KAU-QULI Kau-loa Blackwood, a sp. of ebony, Diospyros sp., Ebenaceae Problematic (Cpl)
FJ.KAUTE Kautii (Hibiscus storkii) (Cpl)
CP.KAWA.3 Kawakawa Yellow-finned groper (Cpl)
CP.KAWA.3 Qawaqawa A fish like the saqa, but with a yellowish tail and no teeth. Syn kawakawa (Cpl)
MP.KAWE.1A Qawe Legs of a crab (Cpl)
NP.KAWE.4 Weka A relative, a friend Problematic (Cpl)
CP.KAWE-KAWE-HAA Kawakawasaa Long-tailed Cuckoo (Eudynamis taitensis) (Lau dialect) (Gty)
CP.KAWE-KAWE-HAA Kawakasaa A bird of the passerine order, with a long tail (Cpl)
PN.KAWEI Kaweki Lash sail to yard Problematic (Cpl)
PN.KEE.1 Ko ~ o Second person singular, preposed Problematic (Ply)
OC.KEHE Kece All Problematic (Cpl)
NP.KEKE Keke Lumbago, to have lumbago Problematic (Cpl)

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