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Protoform Item Description Source
EO.WAA.1 Baaʔ/bá Insultar Phonologically Irregular (Fts)
EO.WAA.1 Ba/bá Eco, resonancia; resonar (Fts)
NP.KULA.1C Kura Lo escogido; lo mejor de una cosa [choice; the best of anything] (Fts)
PN.TO-TOLO Totoro Gatear; ir de cuatro patas (Fts)
EP.PORO.2 Poro/poro Blunt, due to many indentations (Fts)
EP.KORE-GA Koreŋa Carestía; lackness, scarcity (Fts)
EP.NOU.2 Nou-nou Greedy (Wbr)
EP.TAFU.B Tahu-tahu Magic, witchcraft, sorcery; sorcerer, witch (Wbr)
PN.QAI.1 (A)b/(a)ái Conceder, dar, donar, entregar, obsequiar, prestar, regalar. To concede, deliver, to gift, give, grant, lend, present (Fts)
XE.KOREWA Ko(o)reva Filefishes (Aluterus, Cantherhines, Thamnaconus spp.) (Rce)
PN.KAI-GA.B Kaiŋa toa Waste from the sugar cane given to animals as food (Fts)
NP.KAI-GA.A Kaiŋa Food, nourishment, nutrition (Fts)
PN.KITE-A Tikeʔa To see. See, contemplate, find (Wbr). Phonologically Irregular (Kvt)
PN.KITE-A Takeʔa See (discovering) Phonologically Irregular (Wbr)
PN.MA-RAMA.C Marama/rama Clever (Wbr)
PN.MATA-MATA Matamata ika Hail (n) (Fts)
XE.OKA ʔOka Digging-stick (Bck); lever, stick; to plant (Fts)
EP.OMA.3 Oma/oma Demacrado; enflaquecido; flaco. Disfleshed; lean; meagre. (Fts)
PN.OFO.C Oho To attend; get away, go (away)... (Fts)
PN.WOKE Uoke A supernatural being who traditionally traveled about the Pacific, destroying islands with a gigantic lever; he is said to have broken his lever at Easter Island and thus been unable to destroy it (Egt 1970:182) (Fts)
NP.SUE.2 Hue Amontonar; dejar varias cosas juntas. To accumulate, heap, leave several things together (Fts)
PN.GAOFE ŋaoho Name of the bush Caesalpinia bonduc... (Fts)
EP.GORO ŋo/ŋoro Banquete, festejo, festival (Fts)
XE.HIRI.2 Hiri/toke Pavimento delante de las cases (antig.). Pavement in front of the old houses. (Fts)
EP.KEWA.2 Haka/keba To aim with a weapon, closing one eye (Fts)
MQ.KOEKOE Kokoʔe/pó Olvidadízo. Forgetful. (Fts)
EP.MAMAIA Mamaía Equivocar, equivocarse, errar. To err, make a mistake. (Fts)
XE.KOROTEA Korotea Banana variety (Fts)
EP.MAALOO.C Maroa Brazada. Distance between two stretched arms. Phonologically Irregular (Fts)
CE.POOTIKI.A Poki Cria, criatura, feto, hijo, nene, niño. Baby, child, infant, creature; foetus; offspring; son. Problematic (Fts)
XE.POQO-POQO Poʔopoʔo Fish spp.: Deepwater Jack (Carangoides equula), Thicklipped Jack (Pseudocaranx cheilio) (Rce)
NP.PA-LEMO Poremo Borrar; borrarse una señal. To erase, become erased. Problematic (Fts)
XE.PUA.2 Pua Plant (Curcuma longa)... (Fts)
CE.PUU.6 Pu/kao Moño. Chignon. [topknot] (Fts)
EP.PUUKAO Pukao Moño. Chignon. [topknot] (Fts)
PN.RAQA-KAU.A Raakau Arbusto euforbiáceo, de cuya semilla se extrae el aceite de ricino. Castor-oil plant. (Fts)
CE.RAAKAU.2 Raʔau Medicine Borrowed (Fts)
PN.TAMA.1B Tama Retoño o vástago de la caña de azúcar. Sugar cane shoot or sprout. (Fts)
OC.TAQO.2A Taʔo Acusar, denunciar. Accuse, blame, denounce. Uncertain Semantic Connection (Fts)
EP.TORE Tore-tore Streaky, striped; (of food) not fully cooked (Fts)
XE.TUPU.E Tupu Estar embarazada. To be pregnant. (Fts)
MQ.HURU-MANU Uru-manu Los que no pertenecen a la tribu real de los miru, por no ser descendientes del hijo primogenito de Hotu Matu'a Phonologically Irregular (Fts)
PN.AQU Aʔu Los dolores que preceden al parto; asistir a una mujer en el parto. Pains preceding labour; assist a woman in childbirth. Uncertain Semantic Connection (Fts)
EO.TIKA.A Tika Dirección, huella, rastro; señal para orientarse; (fig.) hombre joven. Direction; footprint, track; mark used for orienting; (fig.) young man. Uncertain Semantic Connection (Fts)
PN.TAA.7 Táa Hacer o tejer malla; to knit a net (Fts)
PN.TAA.7 Hacer la tejedura de la red (Egt)

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