Protoform: TAPU [OC] Prohibited, under ritual restriction, taboo

Description: Prohibited, under ritual restriction, taboo
Reconstruction: Reconstructs to OC: Oceanic

*4 POC *tampu "sacred, forbidden" (Ltk. 1985).
*41 PCEMP *tambu "forbidden, taboo" (ACD).
*6 PEMP *tabus (Bst. 1978).
*7 PBN *tagu "sacred" (Lvy. 1979).

Pollex entries:

Language Reflex Description Source
Anuta Tapu Sacred, holy, forbidden (Fbg)
Bugotu Tabu Sacred, forbidden, holu (Ivs)
East Futuna Tapu Saint, sacre; defendu, illicite, interdit (Gzl)
East Uvea Tapu Prohibited (Rch)
Easter Island Tapu Holy, sacred, forbidden (Fts)
Emae Tapu Forbidden (Cpl)
Fijian Tabu Forbidden, prohibited, implying a religious sanction (Cpl)
Hawaiian Kapu Taboo, prohibition, sacred, holy, consecrated (Pki)
Ifira-Mele Tapu Forbidden, sacred, taboo (Clk)
Kapingamarangi Dabu Sacred, restricted, taboo (Lbr)
Luangiua Kapu Sacred (Smd)
Mangareva Tapu Prohibited. Saint, sacré; interdit. (Rch)
Marquesas Tapu Sacre, defendu, interdit (Dln)
Moriori Tapu, tchap Sacred . Holiness (Bke)
New Zealand Maori Tapu Be under ritual restriction, prohibited (Bgs)
Nggela Tambu Forbidden (Fox)
Nguna Tapu Prohibited (Stz)
Niuafoʔou Tapu Taboo (Dye)
Niue Tapu Sacred, prohibited. forbidden; holy (Sph)
Nuguria Haka/tapu Engaged, betrothed (Dvl)
Nuguria Tapu Holy (mysterious), sacred; forbidden (Dvl)
Nukumanu Tapu (pl. ttapu) Holy, sacred (Trt)
Nukumanu Haka/tapu (pl. hakattapu) (pass. hakatapu ria) Bless (Trt)
Nukuoro Dabu Forbidden, awesome (Crl)
Penrhyn Tapu Forbidden; sacred, prohibited (Sta)
Pukapuka Tapu A gift to a god; gift to bride or groom at wedding feast (Bge)
Rarotongan Tapu Formal ceremonial or religious interdiction (Sve)
Rennellese Tapu Taboo, forbidden, sacred, restricted (Ebt)
Rotuman Fapu/i Marked by a taboo sign (Cwd)
Samoan Tapu Be forbidden (Prt)
Sikaiana Tapu Forbidden; socially or ritually prohibited; sacred (Christian) (Dnr)
Tahitian Tapu A restriction; the word is obsolete in Tahiti, though much used in some islands; sacred, devoted, but this sense is nearly obsolete in Tahitian, although retained in other dialects... (Dvs)
Tahitian Tapu Interdit (Lmt)
Takuu Tapu Forbidden, prohibited, sacred (Mle)
Tikopia Tapu Forbidden, taboo, sacred; sacredness (Fth)
Tokelau Tapu Forbidden; placed under taboo (Sma)
Tongan Taboo Forbidden, illicit; also sacred, consecrated, under a prohibition, any thing forbidden to be eaten or touched (Mar)
Tongan Tapu Forbidden, prohibited, unlawful (Cwd)
Tuamotu Tapu Formal ceremonial religious restrictions (Stn)
Vaeakau-Taumako Tapu Holy, forbidden ; sacred, taboo (Ray)
Vaeakau-Taumako Tapu/a Forbid, make sacred (Hvn)
Waya Tapu Forbidden, prohibited (Ply)
West Futuna Tapu Forbidden, sacred, holy; prohibition (Dty)
West Futuna Tapu/ia Poser un tabou (Rve)
West Uvea Tapu-lia Interdit, tabou; interdire, défendre (Hmn)
West Uvea Kai/tapu Etre malheureux, être maudit (Hmn)

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