Protoform: MA-QEWA [NP] Move freely: *ma(a)-(q)ewa

Description: Move freely: *ma(a)-(q)ewa
Reconstruction: Reconstructs to NP: Nuclear Polynesian

*0 << PN *qewa "wander, walk about"

Pollex entries:

Language Reflex Description Source
Hawaiian Maaewa Swaying, swinging, as something with an anchored base (Pki)
New Zealand Maori Maewa Wander (Wms)
Rarotongan Maeva Exultation, a shout expressing great pleasure Uncertain Semantic Connection (Bse)
Rennellese Maeba Come or go fast; lie spread out (Ebt)
Samoan Maaeva Stroll, or sit about (Prt)
Tahitian Maeva Bienvenue Uncertain Semantic Connection (Lmt)
Tahitian Maeva/eva To be shaking in the wind as a flag, to be dishevelled (Dvs)
Tikopia Maeeva Rising up, floating (Fth)

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