Protoform: KETE.B [OC] Belly

Description: Belly
Reconstruction: Reconstructs to OC: Oceanic

*4 POC *kete.

Pollex entries:

Language Reflex Description Source
East Uvea Kete Belly (Rch)
Easter Island Kete/kete Belly (Fts)
Fijian Kete- Belly (Cpl)
Niuafoʔou Kete Stomach (Dye)
Rotuman ʔEfe Belly (Cwd)
Sikaiana Kete Stomach (Dnr)
Tongan Kete Stomach (Cwd)
Tongan Gete The abdomen, the belly, the stomach, the gizzard of fowl (Mar)

8 entries found

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