Protoform: KAKAMIKA [PN] Herb spp. (Ageratum and Siegesbeckia)

Description: Herb spp. (Ageratum and Siegesbeckia)
Reconstruction: Reconstructs to PN: Polynesian

*8 Note. Sigesbeckia and Ageratum are similar weeds (Clk).

Pollex entries:

Language Reflex Description Source
East Futuna Kakamika Plante odoriférante, utilisée pour faire des colliers (Ageratum conyzoides) (Mfr)
East Uvea Kakamika Nom d`une plante odoriferante (? Ageratum) ; fleur (Myr)
Mangaia Kamika A weed with small yellow flowers and pointed leaves used in scenting oils (Chn)
Rapa Amia An herb from TAH Problematic (Sks)
Rarotongan Kamika A small shrub with large leaves whose flowers are used for scenting oil . (Siegesbeckia orientalis) (Whr)
Samoan Aʔamiʔa Small fragrant herb sp. (Sigesbeckia orientalis) (Whr)
Tahitian ʔAmiʔa (Siegesbeckia orientalis) (Whr)
Tongan Kakamika Weed sp. (Sigesbeckia orientalis) (Whr)
Tupuaki Amia (Siegesbeckia orientalis) (Atn)

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