Pollex Reconstructed Protoforms

Level Reconstruction Description
ATI.2 Keep a lookout for, wait for
ST ATIGI.* Empty container
ATO Ascend
ATU Postposed particle indicating direction away from speaker
ATU-MATA Mesh of net
ATUA A night of the lunar cycle
ATUA-LOA Centipede
AU First person singular pronoun (independent)
AU-MISI Grieve
AU-SI-AFI Smoke n. (Rby)
AUGA A skin condition (Rby)
AUTA Restless sleep
AUTE Paper mulberry
AVA Collection, pair: *ava(a)
AVEA Wait a moment (Hwd)
AWA Channel, passage through reef
AWAAWA Small opening in reef (Rby)
AWATEA.* Late morning to early afternoon, midday
AWE.A Hair, strand of hair or thread
AWE.B Tail of comet
E KORE Negative (future or non-past)
E-TASI Certain (ones), particular but unspecified ones, others: *e(e)-tasi
E...ANA Continuous aspect marker
E.1 Non-past verbal particle: *(q)e(e)
E.2 Preposition marking agent: *(q)e
E.3 Vocative particle (pre- or postposed): *e(e)
EE Yes
EE-IA These (near speaker)
EE-LAA Plural demonstrative pronoun. Those, over there, yonder.
EE-NAA Plural demonstrative pronoun near addressee. Those, by you.
EE-NEI These (near speaker)
EFE Coconut refuse
EFU.1 Dust n
EFU.2 Finely woven mat
EI Vocative
ENE.1 Do tentatively or carefully: *(faka)ene(ene)
ENE.2 Ask for something
EQA Emerge, appear on surface of water after being submerged
EREHI.* Coconut
ESI Chase away, pursue: *(q)esi
EVA Float (in air), fly
EWE.1 Torn, ragged, worn out
EWE.2 Fish sp. (Epinephelus hexagonatus) (Hpr)
FA-LIU Turn round
FAA-.4 Causative prefix
FAA-FAA Feel, touch, grope
FAA-INU Give to drink
FAA-ITE.A Place side by side
FAA-ITE.B To make like, compare
FAA-ITE.C To measure

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