Pollex Reconstructed Protoforms

Level Reconstruction Description
AMO.1A Stroke, rub gently, touch
AMO.1B Prepare fibres for string-making; prepared fibre (Rby) *am(o,u)
AMU Revile, mock
ANA.1 Post-posed particle, marking continuance of action or state
ANA.2 If and/or when
ANAKE Completely, only
NO ANAU First person singular personal pronoun (Rby)
ANE White ant, termite
ANEI Interrogative particle (post-verbal)
ANO.1 Desolate
ANO.2 Go
ANO.3 Leaf ball, game played with leaf ball (Rby)
ANOO Still, continuing
AO-RAGI Place name
AO.1 Scoop up, gather together
AO.2 A dry or fleshless coconut
AO.3 Bind (Ebt)
AO.4 World
AOA Bark (of dog): *ao(a)
APAI.1 House purlin: *a(a)pai
APAI.2 Lift, carry on arms or hands
APAKULA Legendary person
APARAGI Sky, vault of
APERE Game, kind of
APO Raise hands (or weapon) in defense or threat
APU.A Seize, take, gather
APU.B Seize in the teeth; take or eat food eagerly, gorge, gobble
AQU Come, reach, arrive
AQU-MOHE Fast asleep
ARA-FATA Bridge or ladder
ARA-TAURA Rope-ladder: *ara-taura
ARAHURA Place name
ARE-ARE Clear, open
ARI Wait! Exclamation of surprise: *ari(a)
ASA To grate
ASA.2 Fin
ASEU A fish (Caranx sp.)
ASI Sandalwood (Santalum sp.)
ASOGAA Shrub sp. (Pipturus sp.)
ASU Smoke
ATA-FAI Kind and gentle: *(q)atafa(q)i
ATA-LIKI Son of a man (Clk)
ATA-RAGI Some celestial or atmospheric phenomenon
ATA.1 Dawn: *ata(ata)
ATA.2 Carefully and deliberately
ATE.2 A shrub (Wedelia [=Wollastonia] biflora) (Clk)
ATI.1 Narrative conjunction, then: *(a)ti

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