Pollex Reconstructed Protoforms

Level Reconstruction Description
UTU.1A Compensation, payment, return
UTU.1B Revenge, vengeance, punishment
UTU.2 Harvest
UTUA Rock, reef or sea-floor exposed at low tide; promontory (Rby)
UU Strike home against something
VAASIQA Interval of space or time
VAKA-QATUA Spirit medium
VALE Left, not right
VAVAE.* Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) or plant producing similar fibre
TO VELE Avid, eager, greedy: *vele(vele)
VELO A fish (Bgs)
VENE Carrying straps; to carry on back with straps
VEVE Faded, dilapidated (leaves, mats, clothing), such items
VILI.1 Masturbate
VILI.2 Draw lots, decide by lot
VILIVILI Be quick, fast: *vili(vili)
VILU Former times
VIVITAI Bird sp (Hwd)
WA-WAA Empty space, chasm
WAA-LAI Liana sp. (Mucuna or Entada sp.)
WAA-WAA.2A Intestines: *(waa)waa
WAA-WAA.2B Vine, rope: *(waa)waa
WAA.1 Roar, talk loudly
WAA.2 Interval (of space or time)
WAAKULE Search head for lice
WAANAGA Speech, to speak
WAASI Side, place, part
WAATIA A kind of pudding made from polynesian arrowroot
WAAWAA.1 Insect sp
WAELO Tail of animal or bird; long thin appendage
WAERE.* To weed, clear away scrub, weeds
WAERUA.* Spirit, soul; ghost
WAHA-WAHA Spread out, widely spaced, sparse
WAHA.1 Carry on back
WAHA.2 Mouth
WAHA.3 Sheet (of a sail)
WAHE Divide, division; separate
WAHE-GA Division, portion, share, piece of land; middle: *wa(a)he-ga
WAHE-RUA Divide in half
WAHIE Firewood
WAHII Cover, wrap; wrapping, covering
WAHINE Woman, female
WAHO Outside
WAI-A Wet, watery
WAI-KELI Well, water-hole
WAI-MARIE Calm, placid
WAI-MUQA A month name

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