Pollex Reconstructed Protoforms

Level Reconstruction Description
WAI.1 Fresh water
WAI.2 Name of a lunar month or season
WAIFO Leave, lay down, place
WAKA-WAKA Thorax, rib-cage (Ebt)
WAKA.A Canoe
WAKA.B A social grouping
WAKA.C Medium or bodily abode of a god
WAKAI Look at, examine
WALA.1 To desire, want
WALA.2 Be apart, separated
WALA.3 Wear round waist
WALE.1 Slimy, slimy substance
WALE.2 Mad, ignorant, unskilled *wale-a
WALE.3 Of no account, ordinary; only, just
WALEA Absorbed, fascinated; overcome by sleep
WALI.1 To paint or smear on
WALI.2 Mushy, watery, muddy
WALO-WALO A tree (Premna sp.): *(w)alo(w)alo
WALO.1 Call out, shout, announce
WALO.2 Squilla
WALU.1 Eight
WALU.2 Tuna sp
WANA Sea-urchin sp
WANA-WANA Spiny, prickly, bristly (Clk)
WAO Forest
WAO-A Overgrown
WAO-MATUQA Virgin forest, old-growth forest
WARI Menstrual blood
WARO Deep hole or pit (Wms)
WARU Scrape v
WASA Open sea, sea distance between places
WASE Divide, separate
WASI To split: *wa((q)a)si
WATA A hole; perforated
WATUKE Slate-pencil urchins (Heterocentrotus spp.)
WAWA Apart
WAWAI Plant sp., cotton (perhaps Gossypium hirsutum)
WAWAO Separate antagonists; mediate: *wawa(q)o
WAWE Quick, prompt
WE-WELA Hot, heat: *we(la)-wela
WEKA.1 Bird sp.(Gallirallus philippensis)
WEKA.2 Go past suddenly
WEKA.3 Whistle
CC WEKE-WEKE Fringe, frayed edge
WEKU.1 Disarranged, dishevelled (of hair)
CK WEKU.2 Tear off
WELA.A Burn, be on fire, burnt
WELA.B Hot, heat
WELE To weed

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