Pollex Reconstructed Protoforms

Level Reconstruction Description
WEKA.3 Whistle
CC WEKE-WEKE Fringe, frayed edge
WEKU.1 Disarranged, dishevelled (of hair)
CK WEKU.2 Tear off
WELA.A Burn, be on fire, burnt
WELA.B Hot, heat
WELE To weed
LO WELETI Papaw (Carica papaya)
WELI.1 A venomous sea-creature
WELI.2 Disgusting, repulsive
WELO Thrust, as in spearing
WEO Copper
WERE-WERE.A* Hanging membrane or flesh
WERE-WERE.B* Some part of female pudenda, probably the hymen
WERI Centipede
WERU Ragged, frayed
WESE.* Divide, separate
WETE.1 Untie
WETE.2 Goatfish, Surmullet
WEU A fringe on material
WEWE.A Rubbish, refuse
WII.A A tree with edible fruit (Spondias cytherea [=dulcis])
WII.B Sour, fermented
WIIWII An insect
WIKI.1 Quick
WIKI.2 Praise
WILI.1A Twist, turn; bore, drill
WILI.1B Tree sp. (Gyrocarpus americanus [= jacquini]) (Grf)
WILI.1C Fall, tumble down
WILI.2 Compete, persist
WILI.3 Be startled; tremble, shiver
WILIGIA Be blown by wind
WISI Entangled
WITI Quick, lively
WIWO Flute

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