#0: Grammatical Particles and Affixes - Demonstratives.

Reconstruction Description
EE-IA These (near speaker)
EE-LAA Plural demonstrative pronoun. Those, over there, yonder.
EE-NAA Plural demonstrative pronoun near addressee. Those, by you.
EE-NEI These (near speaker)
ENI This
HANAA There (near you)
IA.2 That, those (previously mentioned)
KO-LA Locative Demonstrative. Over there, yonder, away from speaker and addressee.
KO-NAA Locative demonstrative. There, near you.
KO-NEI Here, this place, locative demonstrative.
KOO.1 Yonder
LA Enclitic particle, there, yonder
NA.1 There (near addressee): *na(a)
NEI Here, near speaker
PEE-HENA (Be) like that (near you)
PEE-HENI Like this
PEE-LAA Like that (demonstrative manner adverbial) *pe(e)-laa
REIRA There (a place already mentioned)
T-AUA Retrospective definitive, preposed to common nouns mentioned previously
TEE-HENA Demonstrative: That (near you) *te(e)-naa
TEE-HENI This: *te(e)n(e)i
TEE-IA.* This: *te(e)-ia
TEE-LAA That (distant), yonder *te(e)-la(a)

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