#11: Abstract Verbs.

Reconstruction Description
AI.2 Exist, be there *(i-)ai
ENE.1 Do tentatively or carefully: *(faka)ene(ene)
FAI-GAOFIE Easy, not difficult
FAI-GATAQA Difficult
FAI.2A Make, do
FAI.3A Be, happen, exist
FAI.3B To have, possess
FAKA-IKU To finish
FAKA-KORE Consider as nothing; annul; forgive, acquit
FAKA-SIKU Make an ending, cut short
FAKA-TOKA Begin, do for first time; get ready, prepare
FAKA-TONU.A To make straight, true or correct
FAKA-TONU.B To accept or present something as true or correct
FAKA-TUPU.B To create, start, originate, cause
FAKA-TUPU.C To cause to rise, heap up, pile up; to gather, meet
FAKA-TUPU.D Take the form of, appear as, be transformed into
FAKA-TUQU Set up, establish; begin
FAQAHI Able to, capable of
GAOFIE Easy; easily, without difficulty
GAOSI Make, do, deal with
GATA.3 Ended (of matters of concern, emotions)
GATAQA Difficult
GATO.* Used up, finished
HEIVA Activity
KA-PISI Strike; occur, happen
KAI.3 Suffer, experience
KAMATA.1 Begin
KAPA.4 Make a first attempt at something (Clk)
KUMA Finished, done
LAGA.1D Raise (fig.), provoke, incite, start (a fight)
LAVA-A Able, capable
LAWA.1C Overcome, conquer; accomplish
LOLE.1 To do something carelessly or inadequately
MA-FAI Be able to do, possible
MA-TUKU To lessen (in quantity, intensity or concentration)
MAO.2 Do something by chance (and unfortunately), accidentally
MAQU-A Obtain, acquire, find
MAQU-QALUGA High, higher, high-ranking
MAQU.1B Hold, take, obtain, find
MATA-QA-MUQA The first: *mata(a)mu`a
PENA.1B Prepare; get something ready, attend to, take care of
PITI To add something
QOTI.A Completed, finished
RIRO Be taken, become something else
ROAKA Obtained
ROKO-HIA Overtaken, reached, overcome: *roko-(f,s)ia
SAGA.1A Work, make, do

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