#62: Eating and Drinking.

Reconstruction Description
APU.B Seize in the teeth; take or eat food eagerly, gorge, gobble
FAA-INU Give to drink
FAAGAI.A To feed, provide food for
FAGA.3A To feed v.t
FAKA-HUHU Suckle, breast-feed
FIA-KAI To be hungry
FII-KAI.* Hunger, be hungry
FIU.1 Wearied of, bored with, satisfied, satiated
GAU Chew in order to extract juice, as sugar-cane
GOGO.2 To suck liquid from a container
GUGU.1 Munch or crunch food
INU Drink
KAI-LUU Eat scraps
KAI.1A Food, eat: *kai-nga, *kai-na
KAMATA.2 Taste
KAMU.1 Chew, munch
KOMO.2 Suck
KONA.2 Satiated, satisfied
KONA.3 Intoxicating, poisonous; intoxicated, poisoned
MA-GUGU Crunch, crush: *ma(a)gugu
MAA-KONA Satisfied after eating
MAAFA Satisfied, gratified
MAMA.2 Chew without swallowing, esp. to soften food for an infant
MATE-KAI Hungry; hunger
MATE-WAI Thirsty; thirst
MOMI Suck up food without chewing
MONI Consume food (perhaps in a particular manner)
NAMU.1B Chew, nibble, taste
NONE Excess, surfeit
POSU Satiated
QAU-KAI Be hungry
QOMAKI Eat and drink at the same time
QUMITI Hungry for fish or meat
SAMU.1A Eat scraps
SAMU.1B To eat one food only at a meal
SEPO Suck, slurp, lap up, lick up food
TAMI Taste food
TEGA.3 Satisfied (of hunger, thirst)
UMI Suck
UNU.3 Drink
UQA.1B Crave food, not care about food: *uqa (*pilo,*maloo, *kai)

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