#62: Eating and Drinking.

Reconstruction Description
ALEALE.A Weak with hunger; nausea
APU.B Seize in the teeth; take or eat food eagerly, gorge, gobble
FAA-INU Give to drink
FAAGAI.A To feed, provide food for
FAGA.3 To feed v.t
FAKA-HUHU Suckle, breast-feed
FIA-KAI To be hungry
FII-KAI.* Hunger, be hungry
FIU.1 Wearied of, bored with, satisfied, satiated
GAU Chew in order to extract juice, as sugar-cane; bite
GOGO.2 To suck liquid from a container
GUGU.1 Munch or crunch food
INU Drink
KAATOA-GA Large feast
KAI-LUU Eat scraps
KAI.1A Food, eat: *kai-nga, *kai-na
KAMATA.2 Taste
KAMU.1 Chew, munch
KOMO.2 Suck
KONA.2 Satiated, satisfied
KONA.3 Intoxicating, poisonous; intoxicated, poisoned
MA-GUGU Crunch, crush: *ma(a)gugu
MAA-KONA Satisfied after eating
MAAFA Satisfied, gratified
MAMA.2 Chew without swallowing, esp. to soften food for an infant
MATE-KAI Hungry; hunger
MATE-WAI Thirsty; thirst
MOMI Suck up food without chewing
MONI Consume food (perhaps in a particular manner)
NAMU.1B Chew, nibble, taste
NONE Excess, surfeit
POSU Satiated
QAU-KAI Be hungry
QOMAKI Eat and drink at the same time
QUMITI Hungry for fish or meat
SAMU.1A Eat scraps
SAMU.1B To eat one food only at a meal
SEPO Suck, slurp, lap up, lick up food
SOSONI Water container
TAMI Taste food
TEGA.3 Satisfied (of hunger, thirst)
UMI Suck
UNU.3 Drink
UQA.1B Crave food, not care about food: *uqa (*pilo,*maloo, *kai)

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