#15.1: Ways of Walking (gait).

Reconstruction Description
FULO Go, run (plural)
GATOLO.1 Creep
KETU.2 Limp; lame
KOKI Be lame, to limp
KOROI Wandering
NEKE.1A Move oneself, edge along, crawl
NEWA.A Wander, move unsteadily
PERE.1 To go, roam round
POI.1 Wander about
QAQEWA Walk about: *(q)aqewa
QEWA Wander/walk (about)
SOO-.2 Move, shift, shift over (Clk)
TAAFAO.A Walk, wander about: *ta(a)fa(q)o.a
TAKA.1A Revolve, to roll, to go roundabout, wander
TEFA.2 Stumble sideways, stagger
TEKI.1 To hop
TIKE.1C Walk or stand on tiptoe
TIPA Stagger, deviate, turn aside
TOENE Set (of sun), edge away
TOLO.2 Crawl
TOTI Lame; limp, hop
TURORI Move unsteadily

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