#33: Water Actions.

Reconstruction Description
FAAGOGO.B Pour liquid from a coconut shell; feed child or invalid
FAKA-LANU Rinse with fresh water
FUQI Wash feet or hands, pour water over, soak
LANU.1A Bathe or wash in fresh water, be immersed: *(l,r)anu
LOOMAKI.* Duck or dip under water: *lo(o)maki
NIGI.* Pour out
PA-PII Splash
PII.2A Sprinkle water
QASU Bail, ladle out, scoop out
QUTU.1 Fill with water
RUMAKI.* Inter or immerse something (Clk)
SEPU Dive, go down into water, disembark from canoe
SUQI Dilute, mix with liquid (Clk)
TAE.2 Scoop up, dip up (Rby)
TAPI.1A Wash with water
TAPI.1B Wash genital area
TATAA Canoe bailer; to bail out water from a canoe

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