#23: Touching to Abrasion (Contact).

Reconstruction Description
AMO.1A Stroke, rub gently, touch
ASA To grate
FAA-FAA Feel, touch
FAFAI Scrape or shave smooth
FAKA-KAA.1 Sharpen
FAKA-TEMU Touch lightly
FARO.1 Scrape, rub
FO-FOO To massage
FOO.2A Rub, as in washing clothes, extracting starch from arrowroot, massaging
FOO.2B Wash clothes
FULU.2 Rub on (face or body); wash by rubbing or wiping
HOLO Rub, grate, grind, polish, sharpen
IKU.2 File, rasp
KANA.1 A kind of sponge used as an abrasive; to polish with such
KOO-MIRI To handle, rub
KOSI Scrape, scratch (Rby)
LAKU.2 Scratch (v.t.)
MA-QENE Tickle: *ma-qene(-qene)
MAA-SINU Anoint(ed)
MILI Rub, massage; handle (v)
MULE.2 Rub, masturbate
MULU.1 Wipe, rub; rub off; strip off
NAO Insert hand in a hole feeling for something, probe, grope
PASORO Comb (v): *pa(a)(f,s)oro
PUUORO Grate, scour
QALI.2 Shave, scrape clean
QENE Tickle by touching, poke
SAFU.2 Scrape
SANI.1 Graze, pass close to; touch lightly
SAQALO Scrape, clean by scraping, rub smooth
SOLO-QI.* Wash by wiping or rubbing
SOLO.2A Wipe, rub, clean by wiping or rubbing
SOLO.2B Grate, grind, rasp
TOLO.3 Rub, massage
UKU To cleanse by wiping, rubbing, scouring
WARU Scrape v

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