#82: Times.

Reconstruction Description
AA-KUA-NEI Later today; soon
AA-NANAFI Tomorrow
AA-POOPOO Tomorrow: *a(a)-poo(poo)
AFIAFI Evening, late afternoon
ALETUU Tomorrow (Rby)
ATA.1 Dawn: *ata(ata)
ATUA A night of the lunar cycle
AWATEA.* Late morning to early afternoon, midday
FAKA-QAFU-MATE A month name (probably in late summer)
FAKA-QAFU-OLA A month name (probably late summer): *fakaqafu(h,q)ola
FAKA-QAFU.2 A star and month name (probably late summer)
FIRIGA A month name
FIRO.2 First night of the lunar cycle
FOTU.4 Night of full moon
FUA.3C A night of the waxing moon
FUNA.2 One of Buck's middle period nights of the moon (Grn)
HAKE.C In temporal expressions
HIGAIA Name of a lunar month
HO-QATAA Noon, midday
I-NAAKUANEI Just now, earlier today
I-NANAFI Yesterday
I-NAPOO Last night
KAUNUNU Name of a lunar month
KAWAKE Moon, month
KORE-KORE A series of nights of the moon
LAGI.4 Day
LEVA Long time, long ago
LIKO.3 Twilight; be dazzled
LISA-MUQA Name of a lunar month
LISA-MURI Name of a lunar month
MA-FOA-ATA Dawn: *ma(a)foa(a)t(a)a
MA-FOA.A Broken open, cracked open
MA-FOA.B Break (of day), dawn
MA-LAMA Moon, month
MA-LIKO Half-light, twilight
MA-TOFI.B A stage of the waning moon
MA-TOFI.C Nineteenth or twentieth night of the moon
MAHARU Night of lunar cycle
MAITU Fourteenth night of the moon (Grn)
MAURE Night of lunar cycle
MAURI Twenty-ninth night of moon
MULIFAA Name of a constellation and a lunar month: *mu(l,n)ifa(a)
MUTU.1B Thirtieth night of the moon
ONA-POO Days, times
PALOLO-MULI Name of a lunar month
PALOLO-MUQA Name of a lunar month
PALOLO.A Balolo worm; season or month when the worm appears

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