#54: Thought and Knowledge.

Reconstruction Description
AKO Learn, teach
AKO-NAKI Teach, instruct
FAA-ITE.B To make like, compare
FAA-ITE.C To measure
FAAITO Measure, weigh
FAKA-KAU Consider carefully: *fakakau(kau)
FAKA-PAPA.A Pile in layers; arrange or recite in order
FAKA-QATU.B Think about, be concerned with, worried about
FAKA-QUTA Consider, reflect on
FATU-AKI Begin weaving; plan
FUA.1A Weigh, measure; size
GALO-POO-INA Forget, be forgotten
KA-KAFI Capable, knowledgable, skilful (Hwd.1981)
LAPAKAU Skilled, knowledgeable; an expert (Clk)
LAU.2A Recite, count
MA-SANI Accustomed to, familiar with
MA-TALA.B Clear (of mind); understood
MAA-TAU Know, understand
MAA-TINO Be realised, known, determined: *maa-(s,t)ino
MAATAI Skilled, expert
MANATU Remember, think of
MASALA Be clever, know
MASALO.A Think about, consider, suspect
MASARA Recollect, think about
NIMO.1 Vanish, forget
PAU.2 Count
POTO.2 Wise, clever
QAMANAKI Hope, expect, prepare (for): `Amanaki
QATAMAI.A Intelligent, expert, clever
QUTA.2 To consider, deliberate on
SANI.3 Know well; be familiar with
SANO Suspect, think about
SEE.4 Seek, search for
TAU.1 Skilful at, familiar with; suitable, fitting
TAU.3 Count, tell (Ebt) *(ta)tau

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