#57: Speech.

Reconstruction Description
AMU Revile, mock
ENE.2 Ask for something
FAA.2 Hoarse
FAI.2C Say, tell
FAKA-.4 Quotative: to say "...", particularly with words for "yes" and "no"
FAKA-LOGO Be silent, not speak
FAKA-MELE Disparage, defame
FAKA-QILO Inform, announce
FAKA-WALE Behave irrationally or foolishly; deceive
FANA.3 Whisper
FAQAKI Disclose information about, tell
FE-SILI Ask, question
FOLA-FOLA Announce, proclaim, say publicly
FUTA.1 To inflate, swell up; float of fishing net; to boast
GALA Hoarse, snarl
GANA.2B To speak; speech, language
HUU.1 Ask, enquire
ISE.2 Shoo away, drive away (fowls etc.)
KAAKAA.2 Deceive, boast, provocative or aggressive talk
KAAPIKI To name (something)
KALAGA To call out (to someone)
KAMA.1 Talkative
KANAGA Joke, personal taunt
KATAMU Make noise with lips, mutter
KII.1 Say, speak
KOHI Chatter, talk nonsense: *koh(i,e)
KOLE Beseech, ask for, beg
KOMA.3 Verbal abuse or derision
KOO-LELO Speak, orate, recite
KOO-SUMU Murmur, grumble
KOTE Chatter, talk nonsense
KUHU Stutter or other speech difficulty
LASU Lie, deceive
LAU-GA Public discourse, speech: *la(a)uga
LAU.2A Speak formally; mention, enumerate, recite; count; read
LEA Speak
LESI Deceive, lie; false
LOGO Silent: *(l,r)ogo
MAI-MAI Call to approach
MATE.2 Guess
MELE.3 Speak with difficulty; clear one's throat
MUNA Speak (confidentially)
MUSU.1 Mutter, mumble, hum, whisper
MUTU.1C Silent, mute
MUU.3 Be silent, dumb; make inarticulate sound
NANU Speak indistinctly or confusedly, mutter discontentedly

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