#76: Sounds.

Reconstruction Description
FUU.1A Explosive noise of any kind
FUU.1B Clap hands together, making a hollow, explosive sound (Rby)
GAALULU.A Shake, rattle, make noise
GAHAHA Rattle, rustle
GANA.2A Make small noises, chatter
GAQESE Rustle: *gaqese~gaseqe~gasese
GATATA Rattle, jingle, rustle
GATOLO.2 A repetitive sound (e.g. rattle, of surf)
GEE Squealing or screeching sound
GII Shrill sound
GOGO.4 Hollow sound (gurgling, snoring)
GOIO.1B Whistling sound
GULU Grunt, rumble
GUU.1 Hum, groan, grunt
HINI Faint (of voice): *(f,s)ini
KAA.1 Screech, shriek, howl
KEKE-KEKE (Type of) noise or motion
KEKEE Cry loudly
KIKII Squeak, squeal
KOKOLO Gurgling or rumbling noise, to make such
KOO.2C Make guttural sound
MA-SEQA Audible, perceptible
MAANIANIA Disturbance, noise
MAKALA Crackle
MAKUKU.2 Sprained, dislocated
MAPU-SAKI To moan, groan (Rby)
OKI.1 Whistling sound
OLO.2 Low-pitched sound; coo (of pigeons or doves)
PAA-TA-TOO Type of noise
PAA.5 Burst, explode, sudden loud noise
PAKA-KINA Make a cracking sound
PAKEE Sharp sound, crack
PAKOO Noise of an explosive nature
PAKUU.A Make sudden (loud) noise
PALALAA A kind of noise
PATOO.1 Sharp, abrupt noise
QULU.3 Make a noise
SA-GULU Grumble, rumble: *sa(a)gulu
SALULU Loud, low-pitched sound; roar, rumble, boom, thud
SAWINI Whistle; make a sibilant sound *(sa)wini
SI-SII Hiss, spurt with a hiss
SIKU-LEQO Faint voice; echo (Clk): *siku-leqo
TAGULU Deep-toned sound, as of thunder, snoring: *ta(a)gulu
TAMUMU Make low continuous noise
TEE.1 Emit a sharp sound (as e.g. a bell)
TUU-ORO Resonate, sound: *tu(u)oro
WAA.1 Roar, talk loudly

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