#44: Religion and Ritual.

Reconstruction Description
AGA.2 Ceremonial meal
FAI.8 Perform ritual
FAQI Rite, perform ritual: *fa(q)i
HURU.B Enter into, possess (as a spirit does a person)
KAAWE-A Be carried away emotionally: *ka(a)we-a
KAGA To place a curse on someone
KANOPOGI Bereavement
KULA.2 Circumcision
LAFO.1 Ceremonial presentation of wealth
LAKA.2 Sacred
LE-LEA.1 Speech of those possessed by spirits
LELE.B Possess (of a spirit, possessing a human medium)
LIOGI Ritual action
LOTU.1 Prayer, worship (Christian)
PAA-TEFE Castrate
PALI.3 Fast, go without food, mourn
PANI.3 Ritual humbling of self or others; prayer, supplication (Rby)
PIHE Lamentation, cries of grief: *pi(f,s)e
POLO-POLO First-fruits ceremony
PUTU.2 Funeral feast, offering to the gods (Rby)
QAAVE-A Possessed by a spirit; raving
QARA-FAKI Stay awake with (esp. a dead or dying person)
ROTU.1 Spell, charm
SEA.3 To mourn the dead
SEWA.B Mourning practices or ceremonies
TAGA.3 Free from ritual restriction
TAPU Prohibited, under ritual restriction, taboo
TAUMAFA Ceremonial food; offering to the gods
TEFE Circumcise
USU.2 An institutionalised performance, ceremony (Ebt)

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