#27: Pushing and Pulling.

Reconstruction Description
FAALOO.A Stretch (by pulling), lash: *fa(a)lo(o)
FARO.2A Stretch (by pulling), tighten lashing
FUTI.1 Pluck hair or feathers, pull up weeds, pull on a line or rope
HOOPARA Push (away)
KEU Move, push, shift something; turn aside; reject or rebuff
KOKO-MI Press down on
KOO-FITI.1 Pluck out
KULUKI Strain to breaking point
KUME Pull, haul
LENA.1 Stretch, draw taut
LOMI Squeeze, press down upon, massage
MA-FUTI Pulled out, plucked
PAATEE.2 Tug on rope or line
RONA Drag, haul (as on a rope)
SISI.1 Draw up, hoist up
SOLO.5 Drag canoe to or from the sea
TAQAKI Pull up or out, hoist, extract
TAQO.2A Press down, weigh down with a weight: *taqo(mi)
TATA.2 Pull, tug, jerk
TOHO Pull, drag: *to(h,s)o
TOI.2 Urge, encourage, pull
TULAKI Push over, knock over
TULE-KI Push over, push down, push aside *tule-(k,q)i
TUTE.1 Push (away)
UA.2 Push or lever along horizontally
UFU.2 Pull up, pull out, untie
UNU.1 Take out, pull out
USU.1 Push; persuade, incite

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