#94.3: Parts of House.

Reconstruction Description
APAI.1 House purlin: *a(a)pai
FAQI-TOTOKA Entrance, doorway: *faqi-(to)toka
FATA.1 Shelf, platform
FATUGA.1 Rafter, beam n
HOKA.1 Rafter(s)
INAKI (Portion/segment of) roof thatch
KARIHI Foundation wall of house
KASO.1 Rafters, or possibly purlins
LOKI Enclosed area, such as an inner room
MATA-A-FALE Front of house
MATA-A-TALA Some part of a house
NOFO-A Seat: *nofo-(q)a
PAA-FATA Shelf or platform
PAA-RURU Curtain, screen
PAA-TUU A screen
PAKI-TARA Side wall of house
PAPA.1A Board, plank
POTU.1 End, piece, section; end of a village; sleeping area at end of house
POU Post n
POU-TOKOMANAWA Post supporting centre of house ridgepole
PUI-PUI.B Fence, curtain, screen; covering
QARO-FI Inner surface, lining; concave or crescent-shaped; sit in a circle
QATO Thatch
RAFO Rod or lath used in construction
RAU.3 Thatch
SASAGA Tie-beam
SOKA-I Brace, stay, to brace or stay
SOKA.2 Some part of the bracing timber of a house roof
TAAFUFU.* Ridge-pole
TAALAWA Beams in roof structure of a house, rafters, purlins
TAFUQA Platform, foundation, base
TAQO-PATU Upper ridgepole above the *taqufufu *taq(o,u)-p(a,o)tu
TAQO.2B Wooden poles weighing down roof thatch
TAQUFUFU Ridge-pole: *taq(o,u)fufu
TARA The end wall of a house
TO-TOKA Door, doorway
TULU-TULU.1 House post, wall post: *tu(lu)tulu
TULU-TULU.2 Eaves of a house
UTU-POTO Tie-beam of a traditional house

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