#95: Canoes and Fishing Gear.

Reconstruction Description
AAPULU Crowded; to sink (esp. of overcrowded vessel)
ALAGA.B Rigging and gear of a vessel
ATU-MATA Mesh of net
FAFA.3 Sheet (of rigging)
FAGA.4 Fish-trap
FAIVA Fishing
FAQU-LUA Sea-going craft, probably specifically a double-canoe *f(a,o)qu-lua
FIINAKI Fish trap
FILIANI Mast or other part of superstructure of canoe
FOHE Paddle
FOLAU Expedition by sea; sea voyage; travel by sea
FONO.1B Washstrake or other plank for a canoe
FOTA.2 Fishtrap
FUA.4 Fleet of canoes
FUTA.1 Float of fishing net
HAMA Outrigger, outrigger float
KALIA Double canoe
KALISI.2 Rope used on fishing net
KATEA Side of boat opposite to outrigger
KAVITI.2 Point attached to a trolling lure
KIATO Outrigger boom
KIE.C Sail of a boat
KU-KUTI Hand-net for fishing
LAA.1 A sail
LAGO.2 Skid used to support or launch canoe; support, prop
LIU.1 Bilge of vessel, bilge-water
LOLOGA Section of long net
MA-LAGA.2 Travel, journey
MA-TILA Bamboo; bamboo fishing rod; bamboo knife
MATA-A-WAKA Bow, fore part of canoe
MATA.1B Mesh of net
MATAQU.1 Fishhook: *ma(a)taqu
MAUNU Bait: *m(a(a),o(o))-unu
MOA.3 Notched ornamentation at end of canoe
MOKA.3 A kind of fish-trap
NIAO Gunwale of canoe, rim, edge (of tool): *ni(i)ao
NOKO.1B Stern of a canoe
OO.1 Tuna baitfish, such as the fry of Siganus or Caesio spp. (Hpr)
OQA Topstrakes of a canoe
PAA-LOA.* Seine
PAA.3A Fish-hook (trolling)
PALE-TAI Foredeck, splashboards or washboards of a canoe
PALE.4A Steer a canoe; row a boat
PAOPAO Dugout canoe
PARU.1 Ground-bait, fish intestines
PASII Large sea-going vessel: *pa(f,s)ii
PEQE-SI.B Throw, cast; throw out, throw away, discard

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