#14: Motion in Place.

Reconstruction Description
AFE.1B Stir, as a light body in the wind
GA-LUE Vibrate, shake, move to and fro
GATALI Shake, vibrate
GATETE Shake, tremble, be mobile: *gate(e)te(e)
GAUE Shake, move
KOLI.1A To move: *ko(l,n)i
KOO-MENE To contract
KOO-RURE.* Change constantly, shake, quiver, be unstable
LEPA.1 To lie to (of a boat), flap (of sail)
LUE.1 To shake, quake (of person or the earth)
LULE Change constantly, shake, quiver, be unstable: *lule ~ *lelu
LUPE.2 Shake
LUU.3 Shake
MA-QEWA Move freely: *ma(a)-(q)ewa
MEI.3 Flinch, draw back
MENE Shrink back, withdraw
MIO.1A Turn, twist: *mio(-qi)
NINI.2 Tremble, shiver
OLI.1 Move (esp. back and forth, to and fro)
OQI.B Shake, agitate, move around
PANAU A type of movement
POLE.B Tremble
QEMI Flinch, draw back
TAA-REWA Flap, flutter (e.g. as a flag)
TAKA-LILI Tremble, shudder
TEKI.2 To twitch, or make a sudden movement, start
TETE Shiver, tremble
TIMU.2 Contract (of muscles); withdraw: *t(i,u)mu
TUU.2 Shake, shake dust off
UE Shake something backwards and forward; jiggle

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