#12: Location.

Reconstruction Description
FAKA-QATU.A Arrange in row or line
FAKA-TAFA Be on one side, go to one side; step aside, get out of the way
FAKA-TASA Together
FAKA-TASI Join, together
GA-TASI United, together, equal (Rby): *ga(a)tasi
HAGA.2 Turn or face in a particular direction
HAGAI Face towards, be opposite
HILI.1A Rest on something
HILI.1B Hang, be suspended
KAAPITI.1 Unite, join, combine
KOO-PEKA.2 Place across
KORO-PEKA Criss-cross
KUTU.2 Gather, assemble, collect; together
LAFI.2 Keep close to, shelter, hide
MA-WAHE Separated, divided, parted: *ma(a)wahe
MAMAQO Far off, distant
MAQU-LALO Low, humble
MAQU-QALUGA High, higher, high-ranking
MUQA-KI Be first, lead
MURI.1A Behind, after, to follow, be last
NAQA.4 Be located
NOFO Sit, dwell
OFI.A Be near
PAANAKI Stand next to
PILI.1A Adhere, stick to; sticky
PILI.1B Be close to, next to; joined to, together
PUTU.1 Be close together, bunched up, assembled (of people)
QOPO Put things together in contact with each other
QUNU Approach, draw near to
RARA.2 Side, to be on the side, move to the side
REPE Fringe, flap esp. of body; to hang or dangle: *repe(-repe)
SAFE.2 Hang
SOKO.1 Join; continue
TAA-WERE Hang free, be suspended
TAATAI.2 Connect, put in order
TAFA.1A Side, edge; beside
TAFA.1B Outside; away
TATA.1 Near
TAU-MAMAQO Far off, very distant
TAU-PILI Follow closely, be closely associated
TAU.2 Hang, be suspended
TEKO.1 Project
TOE.1A Be left over, remain; remainder, remnant
TOKA.2A Remain, wait, stop at a place; settle, coagulate, set solid; run aground
TUQU-TAKI To join together, meet
WAHE Divide, division; separate
WAHE-GA Division, portion, share, piece of land; middle: *wa(a)he-ga
WAHE-RUA Divide in half

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