#61: Life Processes.

Reconstruction Description
MATE.1A Die, dead; sick, illness
MATE.1B Unconscious, lose consciousness, faint; numb, paralyzed
MATUQA.A Large, full grown, mature (of people); old person, elder
MOLE.1 Extinct, exterminated; to disappear
MURI.1C Young, immature
NEWENEWE Fat (of person)
NIMO.2 Vertigo: *(ni-)nimo
NINI.1 Vertigo
NIWA.* Giddy, dizzy
NOHINOHI Small, short
OKO.2A To reach maturity; strong
OLA.1 Be alive, well, healthy (not dead, ill)
PAEKO Feeble, shaky
PAKA-PAKA Thin, emaciated
PAKAU Thin, lean: *paka(paka)(u)
PAKU-PAKU Emaciated, starving
PETI Be fat
PII.1 Young, immature
PIKI.2 Cramp, to have the cramp, be numb
POLI.B Tend a person to make plump and fair
PUKU.2 Short; compact, rounded; hunch, curl up (body or part): *puku(puku)
PUU-MANAWA Heart, stomach, breath
REFE Wrinkled, loose (of skin)
RUFI.2 Weak, tired, exhausted: *ru(f,s)i
SAKA.2 Short in stature
SEMO Become separated, slip off, be loosed; weak, exhausted
SOMO.1 Slip off, become separate (Ebt)
TAKA-AANINI Be dizzy, experience vertigo
TAQA.2 Sweat
TARU Fat (adj)
TAU-LEKALEKA.B Handsome, beautiful
TEGA.2 Cramped, aching
TULE.1 Inactive, listless, drowsy
TUPU.A Grow, increase: *t(u,i)pu
TUTUE Thin (of body); tough (of fish or meat), owing to lack of fat
WILI.3 Be startled; tremble, shiver

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