#61: Life Processes.

Reconstruction Description
AA-NEWA Dizzy, unsteady, weak
AA-NINI Giddy, vertigo
AA-NIWA Dizzy, confused
ALA-TI To scratch an itch
ALEALE.A Weak with hunger; nausea
ALEALE.B Concave, hollow; thin (of solid)
AUTA Restless sleep
FAKA-TILI To increase biologically, produce offspring
FITI-FITI-KIA Reach stage of hair growth or colour
FITI.1C Sprain, strain (muscle)
GAAWARI Weak, feeble
GEGE Weary
GEQE Obese
GOGO.3 Weak, wasted away
HILA A term referring to some kinds of health problems
HOU Sweat
IWI.B Strong, energetic
KAGO Wasted; undeveloped
KAKAWA Sweat, be sweaty
KANOPOGI Bereavement
KELO Dead, or nearly dead
KEWA.1 Stiffness (of body), convulsion, rigor
KISI.1 Dwarf; stunted
KITA.2A Tensed, as a muscle, a grip
KONO To strain, bear down (as when defecating, giving birth)
KOO-WARI Slack, as a rope, muscles, belly
KOPA.2 Weak, lame
KUPA Exhausted, enfeebled
LAGA.3 Hurt, painful
LEKA.2 Short, dwarf
LILA Thin, emaciated, sickly: *li(i)la(a)
MA-MATE.2 Die (of more than one person)
MAALOO.A Strong, unyielding; victorious
MAALOOLOO.A Healthy, well, strong
MAALOOLOO.B Rest, recover one's strength
MAANUNU Worn out, exhausted
MAFI Strong, powerful, energetic, hardworking
MANIA.1 Shudder, be set on edge (of teeth)
MAQURI Alive, live; life
MATE-GUUGUU Exhausted, numb
MATE.1A Die, dead
MATE.1B Unconscious, lose consciousness, faint; numb, paralyzed
MATUQA.A Large, full grown, mature (of people); old person, elder
MOLE.1 Extinct, exterminated; to disappear
MURI.1C Young, immature
NEWENEWE Fat (of person)

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