#28: Hitting.

Reconstruction Description
AKI Beat, pound
FAKA-MATE Kill, put to death
FE-PAKI Collide, fight
KAPE.3 Ward off, parry
KOO-SURU To spear, kill
KULU.2 Apply force to, strike
LIKI Beat, flog : *(li)liki
MOTO.1 Strike with fist
PAA-TOO-TOO.* Knock repeatedly
PAA.2A Slap, clap, pat (strike with open hand)
PAKARU Collide, crash
PAKI.1 Slap, clap; hit, beat; touch
PALE.1A Ward off; protection, defense
PAO.1 Strike something with something else, as in hammering nail, using mallet, playing bowls
PASU.1A To pound, thump v.t
PATI.1 Clap
PATU.1A Strike, kill
POKO.3 Slap
POO-RUTU Strike hard
POO.2 Cover, catch or strike with cupped hand
RUTU Hit, beat, attack
SAU.2 Strike, beat, chop
TA-QIA Strike, hit
TAA-MATE-A Kill, extinguish: *ta(a)mate
TAA.1A Strike, beat, kill
TAU.10 Be hit (Rby): *tau-lia
TILI.3 Strike repeatedly as in hammering, adzing (Rby)
TIPI.1B Slap, strike a glancing blow
TITI.5 Strike, chip at (Ebt)
TUKI.A Pound, beat
TUTU.3 To beat out bark into felt; beat tapa

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